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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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  • brawquine


     2 days ago

    Remember the fire triangle folks!
    Fuel, heat and oxygen are needed to make a fire, remove one and you have no more fire.

    Get a fire blanket for your kitchen so ye can smother fires ;)

  • Rylee Nolan

    Rylee Nolan

     2 days ago

    I literally started dying of laughter when erin put water on it and it got huge alkjsakjska

  • Cole Phillips

    Cole Phillips

     3 days ago

    that candle freaked me OUT

  • Ameline Blond

    Ameline Blond

     3 days ago

    I thoguh you learn how to stop a fire at school, but I guess we all forget things lmao

  • Suzanne Arimond

    Suzanne Arimond

     7 days ago

    I would be contacting the company that made that candle and letting them know what happened.

  • Xiomara Dickson

    Xiomara Dickson

     7 days ago

    You could have put it out with salt

  • Alannah Black

    Alannah Black

     14 days ago

    I’ve never commented on a video but holy shit when Erin put water on the candle and the fire got bigger I cried laughing. Literal tears. That would be me trying to adult!!!

  • FBI


     14 days ago

    I love you guys my friends think I’m gay because I watch you guys every day but my girlfriend and I of 4 years love you guys

  • Laura Engel

    Laura Engel

     14 days ago

    A gas fire gets worse from waters

  • NathanielBoi 14

    NathanielBoi 14

     14 days ago

    Fire has oxygen in it and water has 2 oxygen molecules which adds onto the oxygen molecule in the fire making the flame get bigger

  • Margaret Kalkstein

    Margaret Kalkstein

     14 days ago +1

    Candles are oil fires while most other fires you'll encounter (campfires, fireplaces, etc.). NEVER put water on an oil fire, instead suffocate it by trapping the flame so that it has no access to the oxygen it needs. ik this is super late but I feel like everyone needs to no this.

  • Bryana Luna

    Bryana Luna

     14 days ago

    Besides David's channel this is the only channel I'm subscribed to. I love their personality and humor.

  • NaturalBornRebel


     21 days ago

    So im 21 and i have a huge crush on Carly ...Do i have A Chance✊

  • Iago Farroco

    Iago Farroco

     21 days ago

    you guys are so precious... i would literally be you guys' pet

  • j p

    j p

     21 days ago

    omg the candle

  • kimmer epic

    kimmer epic

     21 days ago

    nexttime put a lit on it :) but you guys got it anyways

  • Lexie _c

    Lexie _c

     21 days ago +9

    their candle: bursts in flames
    me: *slowly looks at the candle right next to me😶

  • YouTube bum86

    YouTube bum86

     21 days ago

    Next time use salt

  • Stephanie James Keenan

    Stephanie James Keenan

     21 days ago

    Holy fuck!!! So glad you guys and your home is ok!! And whiteyyyy! Omg!

  • Being The Bakers

    Being The Bakers

     21 days ago

    Literally just put a fire extinguisher in my amazon cart lol