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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 14, 2009
  • britain's really got a talent, well specially Miss Susan Boyle singing "I DREAMED A DREAM"
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  • Kathryn Nepia

     9 months ago

    My mum actually cried at this video, not because she surprised them, but at how nasty all these people were. Everyone rolling their eyes and scoffing at her such mean people.

  • Gamchlo


    I cried tears of anger because of how nasty they all were.

  • Tourz Shadeed

     2 days ago

    Fuck off

  • Peace Setordzie

     1 months ago

    Who is still watching in May, 2019! I am still in awe of this woman's magical voice! I cried like a baby

  • tavia warner

     54 minutes ago

    Peace Setordzie actually June, 2019!!

  • Paul A Kosik


    June 2019 still here. I keep coming back to this. Awesome

  • Cuscatleco Cien por ciento

     1 months ago

    Moral: Do not judge by the physical appearance of people, look at their abilities and talents.

  • Mr. Ree

     3 days ago

    @MsJavaWolf YES.


     4 days ago

    No shit

  • Karina R

     25 days ago

    This never gets old.. Don't judge a book by it's cover!!!

  • ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed

     23 hours ago

    Then the book shouldn't false advertise. She dressed modestly. She sang with humility.

  • Jonathan Yakubov

     16 days ago

    Karina R there’s nothing wrong with the cover

  • The Dude

     23 days ago

    Those female scoffers in the audience still work in Tescos on minimum wage...whilst Susan Boyle rakes in millions. There IS a God! lol

  • Simon Parsons


    lol i think you are one of those ladies who works in Tescos on minimum wage bc why tf would you be defending the scoffers in the audience

  • Simon Parsons


    Serial Killa u a stoopid ass nigga all The Dude said was that Susan Boyle overcame her judgement and surprised everyone and she doesn’t need any revenge or anything because she is doing way better than anyone who judged her in the crowd. He didn’t mention anything to do with being pretty and wanting to be a model or shit like that ur so dumb and ur comment just makes me want to kms

  • Cheyenne Brennan

     2 months ago

    The biggest vocal middle finger to every single person who laughed at her.

  • WorldPeace3824

     8 hours ago

    OMG! I can't stop laughing :-)

  • Timothy Bryan

     2 days ago

    Yes yes yes !!!!

  • ace sigma

     1 months ago

    10 years later and this is one of the best tv moments of the 21st century, never judge people, one of the biggest wake up calls

  • Patrick Crowther

     8 days ago

    Soo very true

  • Jonathan Yakubov

     16 days ago

    ace sigma she’s adorable

  • zili karafoulidou

     22 days ago

    June of 2019 and still coming back for this...

  • Southern Belle


    June 24th,2019. Miss Susan ,you are still the best.💛💖💛💖💖💛💛

  • Cindy Diamond

     6 days ago

    Ya me too 😊

  • msinvincible2000

     1 months ago

    After 10 years, this still gives me goosebumps and makes me cry

  • Steffanie Canahuire

     3 days ago

    The same for me :')

  • Gerard Climis

     28 days ago

    go to a shrink! you need it

  • Kristen Herndon

     23 days ago

    I’ve watched this many times and still get chills!☺️

  • Patrick Crowther

     8 days ago

    Totally never gets old each time I see this