Final Fantasy 8 Remastered Vs Original Graphics Comparison, Frame Rate Test and More

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 13, 2019
  • With backwards compatibility on most consoles, PC being backwards compatible almost by definition, why do we even need remasters? That’s not the primary question we’re addressing in this feature, but it’s useful to keep it in mind anyways. What’s the point of rereleasing a 20 year-old Playstation 1 game on platforms that are three and a half generations ahead?

    Does the Final Fantasy VIII remaster live up to the high remaster bar that some games these days set? In a word, no. But I wouldn’t term it a simple cash-grab, either. There’s a substantial amount of work that’s gone into enhancing the artwork--particularly model quality. Would I recommend the remaster as the definitive way to play Final Fantasy VIII? No. That is a lot of back-and-forth waffling but you can see that I have complicated feelings about this particular remaster. Let’s take a look at how much has changed and how much has stayed the same since 1999.



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  • Domenic Martin

    Domenic Martin

     2 days ago

    Honestly the thumbnail squall looks like nicolasquall lioncage

  • Jack Obrien

    Jack Obrien

     7 days ago +1

    Honestly the remake is pointless , yeah theyve changed a few things but not nearly enough , ill stick with the original thanks

  • Mike O'leary

    Mike O'leary

     21 days ago

    Im just seeing this game now and i pissed what they did to the females, zells stance, and blurry background and maps dont help ill stick to the psx version i have

  • GabeLogan


     21 days ago

    BUT why didnt the remastered the backgrounds? Even some fans could do it for the RE Seamless Project Again this is a money rip off.

  • Muhammad jauhari

    Muhammad jauhari

     21 days ago

    noctis mengambil wajah squal leon heart.. squal remester jelek.

  • BowmansWorld


     21 days ago +1

    u can speed up the battles the framerate is irrelevant.

  • BowmansWorld


     21 days ago +1

    shut the fuck up loser, the ff8 remastered version is the definitive way to play it. You are acting like these graphics and elements were always shit when they were ahead of its time. The game still looks and plays great today.

  • Hailey Bibbee

    Hailey Bibbee

     21 days ago +4

    I bought FF8 on a whim for Switch, because I'd never played the original. I only knew "Leon," as he was called, through Kingdom Hearts. It's been about 15 years since I've played a PS1 title, but I've been loving the game so far, odd-looking BG and character model interaction aside. I would love to see this game get the FF7 Remake treatment. Run it on a FF15 engine, hire some (good) voice actors, redo the cutscenes, maybe add some more sidequests and character interactions. Give these characters the game they deserve.

  • The Batman

    The Batman

     28 days ago

    Which consoles are backwards compatible?

  • Rizal ajo

    Rizal ajo

     28 days ago +2

    8:54 someone's running like ice skating. Lol..

  • Kim van loocke

    Kim van loocke

     28 days ago

    i do not mind 4 or more Discs 1 do we get the full game buying only once 2 i would have loved a Physical disc version not made From the flawed PC version but build on the PS1 version sound Analoge rumble framerate/combat menu were no problem on PS1 but now this bad PC port on PS4 has loads of problems and no word on updates from SquareEnix for PS4 support

  • HH Effie

    HH Effie

     a months ago +1

    If there a gameshark (cheat) on the remastered i still buy it 😂

  • Anthøny Salazar

    Anthøny Salazar

     a months ago +2

    It would great play as Seifer with your team with Fujin and raijin,,, but in this seifer and fujin getting a romance

  • Anthøny Salazar

    Anthøny Salazar

     a months ago

    The squall pants must be most inflated same as the Giorgio Armani last collection are like old Soviet union military uniforms

  • rick9021090210


     a months ago

    come on... that eye watering 320x240 resolution was actually good for CRT televisions back in the day... no need to bash FFVIII for that... now for today, I was expecting a bit more modern models, better animations when moving and better rendered backgrounds to be honest... but the improvements are welcome nonetheless... and if you havent played FFVIII as of today, the remastered is the best option in my opinion... just for the sake of not having to span through 4 discs durning gameplay... xD funny note though... when you save in the remastered version, it actually states in which disc you were playing if it was the original... I think...


  • thinh truong

    thinh truong

     a months ago +1

    Why They dont remake this 😭😭😭

  • Dellixxia D

    Dellixxia D

     a months ago

    Why we need a remaster?
    Because my psx is broken and I can't play FFVIII in any other way. And no, PC is not an option. Plus the resolution would be awful with a Scart! 😂 OH and the cheats, the 3xspeed, it's amazing for this game.

  • 樫野零


     a months ago +6

    SQUAREENIX. Hope you guys are listening. FF8 deserves more love.

  • Hiran Andino

    Hiran Andino

     a months ago

    This nigga is so fuckin picky

  • Brix Ferera

    Brix Ferera

     a months ago

    will probably get this even if for the nostagia only...this is the first game i've ever finished and  loved