I Photoshopped My TINDER Pictures For A WEEK!

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 10, 2019
  • I Photoshopped My TINDER Pictures For A WEEK! to see if I got a better reaction than usual... which is usually... no reaction ϟ HIT SUBSCRIBE AND JOIN THE REVOLT https://goo.gl/ehqY5E ϟ☆ COP THE DANKEST MERCH https://www.kierabridget.com ☆BUSINESS ENQUIRIES: ◎ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/kieraabridget/ ◎ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Kierabridget◎ SNAPCHAT: kierabridget▶ BINGE WATCH ME: https://goo.gl/LG9wUM▶ WATCH MY VLOGS: https://goo.gl/AUKM3pϟ HIT SUBSCRIBE IF U WANT (you do!) AND JOIN THE REVOLT https://goo.gl/ehqY5E ϟpsssttttt...if you see this comment 'description squad' and maybe I'll reply ;) *it's our secret*
  • Source: https://youtu.be/wqx6_7DDW-c


  • Kiera Bridget

    Kiera Bridget

     3 months ago +13350

    Here’s ur reminder that you’re actually rlly beautiful and don’t need the validation of other people.... but also whatever LOL

  • Rebecca Bradley

    Rebecca Bradley

     2 months ago +14136

    "i'm actually getting kind of sad, i wish i looked like that. why don't i?"
    dude that really hit hard

  • Victoria Lisa

    Victoria Lisa

     2 months ago +3432

    Okay but why is no one commenting about how she is legit naturally stunning!? Like girl you ARE beautiful

  • Zoey-Dennae Cenaiko

    Zoey-Dennae Cenaiko

     1 months ago +1370

    I like how she doesn't even acknowledge the scrunchie situation

  • i8ET


     2 months ago +1147

    You and Noah Cyrus kind of look alike. You’re very pretty:)

  • McKinley Smoke

    McKinley Smoke

     1 months ago +445

    Hearing a naturally (incredibly) beautiful gal talk about her "imperfections" and how she's a "3" really stings. huh.

  • Grace Jones

    Grace Jones

     2 months ago +631

    “i mean i don’t love myself, but love yourself” completely accurate for me!😂

  • Kathleen O

    Kathleen O

     1 months ago +282

    Common! Really. It's really annoying when obviously pretty girls act like they're not. Seriously STOP. Also, your worth is not defined by the amount of men that like you.

  • Bubbles4112


     2 months ago +579

    'U trying 2 smoke or c a movie?'
    'Sir, I have asthma.'

  • ZZZ


     2 months ago +379

    Not gonna lie but that editing of the lighting to make the abs was skill

  • Itz Kylie

    Itz Kylie

     3 months ago +11190

    Are u still with morgz?? ❤️
    Like if your wondering too 💕

  • Veronika Wadhwa

    Veronika Wadhwa

     1 months ago +306

    “honestly men are trash, why am I doing this to myself?” So true!!

  • Missy Anous

    Missy Anous

     2 months ago +488

    “I don’t love myself, but love yourself” new subscriber in the building 💯👏🏻😂

  • Sabrina Snigdha

    Sabrina Snigdha

     2 months ago +161

    If people don’t find her gorgeous, then I got no chance😫😰

  • Myilicia Hare

    Myilicia Hare

     1 months ago +100

    It would have been interesting if you first did the same exact unedited photos then edited them. This would have been a better test.

  • J J

    J J

     2 months ago +7788

    I love how she just randomly tied her hair up with like 20 scrunchies and still acted completely normal.

  • LilHo


     1 months ago +33

    Most men are creeps, especially online where they can be anonymous.

  • Natalea Ibbotson

    Natalea Ibbotson

     3 days ago +4

    Description squad! 😜💙🔹Your amazing and I feel like I'm your sister because I'm ugly and have no friends! Literally! 😂😅

  • amy Choulat

    amy Choulat

     1 months ago +47

    Your body is temporary. Its just a meat sack. It means nothing.

  • Mary Nascimento

    Mary Nascimento

     2 months ago +136

    “My type is dudes that can’t grow beards yet.”
    That is very accurate.