I Photoshopped My TINDER Pictures For A WEEK!

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 10, 2019
  • I Photoshopped My TINDER Pictures For A WEEK! to see if I got a better reaction than usual... which is usually... no reaction
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    if you see this comment 'description squad' and maybe I'll reply ;) *it's our secret*
  • Source: https://youtu.be/wqx6_7DDW-c


  • Kiera Bridget

    Kiera Bridget

     6 months ago +14414

    Here’s ur reminder that you’re actually rlly beautiful and don’t need the validation of other people.... but also whatever LOL

  • Cars4 Days

    Cars4 Days

     5 hours ago


  • barnabas shakespeare

    barnabas shakespeare

     6 hours ago

    Fam, you’re beautiful without photoshop! I’d date you if you believed that haha.

  • James McNamara

    James McNamara

     6 hours ago

    Ur bootiful,don't change

  • Aylah and Aden

    Aylah and Aden

     7 hours ago +1

    Hey Kiera I’m half asleep so I don’t know what I’m doing help me 😴😴😴😴

  • moza alhadrami

    moza alhadrami

     7 hours ago

    Your beautiful you don't need to use Photoshopped

  • funny video

    funny video

     10 hours ago

    Your hot as fuck

  • Sherri Barber

    Sherri Barber

     12 hours ago

    At 6:38 why does she have so meany skrunties and sorry if I spelled it wrong

  • Olivia Benson

    Olivia Benson

     14 hours ago

    Witch app did she use

  • Lucinda-16 Cook

    Lucinda-16 Cook

     15 hours ago

    I like how she said “HELLO IM BACK”

  • Lucinda-16 Cook

    Lucinda-16 Cook

     15 hours ago

    U r pretty

  • Keagan Howard

    Keagan Howard

     18 hours ago

    Description squad

  • Bryanna Johnson

    Bryanna Johnson

     19 hours ago

    You are beautiful. Do not ever call your self ugly. You are beautiful they way you are. Luv you

  • robloxreach


     20 hours ago


  • B Mac

    B Mac


    Kiera dont worry your so cute i am not at all cute at all

  • jab winner5092

    jab winner5092


    Am I the only boy watching this

  • Josiah John

    Josiah John


    She knows she pretty and that's just annoying

  • Abbey Ukulele

    Abbey Ukulele


    I’m watching her photo shop and noticing a thousand and one ways to fix it 🤣🤣🤣

  • Andrea Feldkamp

    Andrea Feldkamp


    Your Not Ugly! You Beautiful!

  • Herschel Johnson

    Herschel Johnson


    I hate really like everyone