Zelda Twilight Princess - 28 - Fused Shadows

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 25, 2019
  • Link shoots arrows at a big dumbass shadowy bear thing while Midna continues to be sexy

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/wsUlzVuKpEQ


  • John Sanders

    John Sanders

     4 days ago

    Can I just say the music in the background of this level is really damn annoying. Like the one thing I've seen that's annoyed me.

    Edit: Arin yelling in japanese scared the shit out me

  • this ting

    this ting

     5 days ago

    That meme thing was spot on

  • Nicky The Koopa

    Nicky The Koopa

     14 days ago +1

    I feel like "shadow bear" is just another term for "an gay, hairy, edgy guy".

  • Chance Maurer

    Chance Maurer

     21 days ago

    wait, were BOTW hinox's inspired by this boss?

  • Mo Chatterton

    Mo Chatterton

     a months ago

    “Memes, the DNA of the soul.”

  • Mister Awesomeness

    Mister Awesomeness

     a months ago

    So REALLY... memes

  • Jago


     a months ago

    I love that Arin knows that song

  • Pratalax


     a months ago

    goin against the whole refraining from quoting things thing they talked about earlier, i'm really glad they keep bringing up that picnicface skit. what skit? s'huge. keepittogetherkeepittogether....gnbgobpglbplgplplbpglbpglplplpll

  • Gurgadurgen


     a months ago

    I'm pretty sure the hobby lobby thing wasn't that they were selling them but that one of the owners was trying to buy them as religious relics for their own collection.

  • Mr.Spoontastic


     a months ago

    on this episode: two old men speak internet. I love these bois

  • Marc Bnk

    Marc Bnk

     a months ago

    Begin of this Episode Sound like the metal gear solid 2 plot xD

  • The J-Man

    The J-Man

     a months ago

    Obligatory "Arin's memory sucks" post.

  • ChocolateSparerib


     2 months ago

    don't worry arin, I too remember everything about the stage and iron boot stuff but that fight has been completely erased from my memory as well.

  • Stephsaguudefan


     2 months ago

    6:28 Aw, that's adorable, Arin thinks he can remember games even though he almost always forgets what he's supposed to be doing every five or six seconds. It's like when you have a cold and your three-year-old comes and puts a band aid on you to try to make it better.

  • jobriq5


     2 months ago

    I don't remember Fyrus being that black

  • 面白い人


     2 months ago

    yes meme stands for something it stands for "my extremely masculine energy"

  • go2mew


     3 months ago

    My Bear! It's not a car!

  • Ian Walter

    Ian Walter

     3 months ago

    I was 7 when I played this game and my dad sold my wii when I was 10 and 3 years later it’s still my favorite game

  • jpscloud


     3 months ago

    I have played and beat twilight princess 3 times and I agree with Arin, that boss is not memorable. The stage is but that boss is all a blur.

  • JayJem


     3 months ago

    "Dude, I am a Bear! Not a car!"
    Damn right u a bear Arin