Gutfeld on 2020 Dems trying to act human

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 13, 2019
  • Political stunts backfiring on 2020 Democratic presidential candidates. #TheFive #FoxNews

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  • midgetydeath


     21 days ago

    I’m pretty sure Juan’s job is to represent the typical liberal. Dunno if he actually is one or at least to that extreme. But, if you’re going to have a Devil’s advocate, there needs to be foundation for his arguments. Like his claim that Trump lacks substance; it’s stupid. President Trump has done the things he said he would wherever Congress has not blocked him and even then he tries and keeps trying anyway. If that’s not substance then there is no substance to anything.



     28 days ago

    And failing miserably. Calling them reptilians insults reptiles.

  • William Galindo

    William Galindo

     a months ago

    Beto the wanna be "Vato" but has only accomplished the level of Fredo.
    They wouldn't even vote for you in Mexico let alone here in the U.S. because you're fake ese!

  • chunks Infante

    chunks Infante

     a months ago

    Gutfeld looks like rumplestiltskin from shrek.

  • Rev. Smoke

    Rev. Smoke

     a months ago

    Who else skips forward whenever Juan opens his mouth?

  • Rev. Smoke

    Rev. Smoke

     a months ago

    A phony can never come across real. They are all demonrats which only care about the globalist agenda getting in power and to resume their evil ways without worrying about getting caught.

  • Pablo Insano

    Pablo Insano

     a months ago

    Juan...brain cell.

  • Gypsyfirefly


     a months ago

    Wrong Jaun. Good name for him :)

  • wkjeom


     a months ago +1

    Juan is right for once. He said he is always wrong ... 😝

  • Thing 1 & Thing 2 The Media Maniacs

    Thing 1 & Thing 2 The Media Maniacs

     a months ago

    Maryanne Williamson is a joke

  • Old Irish

    Old Irish

     a months ago

    If he is truly threading the lug nuts, the tire should be in the air... Not on the ground.

  • god bless america

    god bless america

     a months ago

    There no human in racist scrumbag who already claim communism .....this are the slave master of the old day..with a new name....

  • VeggyZ


     a months ago

    Trump doesn't need to hire people for wear his periphenelia and cheer for him or support him. Idiot.

  • CauseImFlawless


     a months ago

    Well said, Gut!

  • C H

    C H

     a months ago

    Did anyone feel the weird face on Dana when the man in the middle talked... She is a Bush lover ..I love that guy

  • Daniel Leonard

    Daniel Leonard

     a months ago

    Beto - “Well, I’m changing the tire on this truck.”

    Me - “No... I thought your were checking the oil.”

  • Kenneth Tarr

    Kenneth Tarr

     a months ago +1

    Poor little dumb Juan Williams. He's a brainwashed democrat pundit who sees only bad in Trump and only good in the democrats. Not worth listening to. He's on this show only to show the stupidity of democrats.

  • A Leyden

    A Leyden

     a months ago

    Buck teeth Beto

  • Fateen Banks

    Fateen Banks

     a months ago

    That man looks like he’s never changed a tire in his life.

  • Daniel Kays

    Daniel Kays

     a months ago

    For Beto's next 'regular guy' video, The camera will show Beto and a woman in bed. Beto will turn to the camera, covered with sweat, and saying, "Beto here, doing my neigbor"s wife while he's at work. We're going all the way in 2020 because Orange Man Bad".