My iPhone X Ruined My Life

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 18, 2018
  • After my iPhone X ruined my life halfway through Coco, it saved me from Steve Jobs. 100% true story.
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  • RoboAustin 17

    RoboAustin 17

     a years ago +4678

    100% Real
    This is the most realistic thing I have ever seen!

  • Karen Gibbs

    Karen Gibbs

     46 minutes ago

    Wow so real!

  • kishore tube

    kishore tube

     3 hours ago

    I have same problem boy on my phone

  • carl boje

    carl boje

     4 hours ago

    Yup 100% real

  • carl boje

    carl boje

     4 hours ago

    Yup 100% real

  • pro4life 12345

    pro4life 12345

     10 hours ago

    Boi it literally 50 or 20%

  • puppycorn 66

    puppycorn 66

     15 hours ago

    Y he treat Logan Paul like that there's no reason

    O wait nevermind

  • Clark Kent Perlas

    Clark Kent Perlas

     17 hours ago

    Really nice animation bro! Love the comedy part of the story!

  • wys.connie_x x

    wys.connie_x x


    Sorry, but now it's an iPhone 11 pro...

  • Ddd Cha

    Ddd Cha

     yesterday +1

    What baby!!!!

  • Ally Playz

    Ally Playz


    100% Real

  • The Bart Simpsonxz

    The Bart Simpsonxz


    100 % real


  • SquallyCoin 5664

    SquallyCoin 5664


    I think I know how this is a true story!


  • Danny



    Watching this on my IPhone X...

  • rehab walid

    rehab walid

     2 days ago

    Did y
    Did yo
    Did you r

    Did you really think i was gonna wast my time?

  • Jonh Bee

    Jonh Bee

     2 days ago +3

    “100% real” “ did I mention this is a totally true story”

  • Mega Christian Gaming

    Mega Christian Gaming

     3 days ago


  • Spring Trap

    Spring Trap

     3 days ago

    Press this

    Read more

  • Fire boy l3ts go_YT

    Fire boy l3ts go_YT

     3 days ago

    I I tripped and I'm broke my phone my phone sreen

  • Skeleton rag [

    Skeleton rag [

     3 days ago

    Utt oh I have an iPhone 11 will it kill me?