Captain Marvel - Movie Review

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 5, 2019
  • After all the social media build up, one thing is for sure...the comment section will be the nicest comment section in the history of comment sections! So here's my review of Marvel Studios' 21st film CAPTAIN MARVEL!

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  • Sammy DeGuido

    Sammy DeGuido

     6 days ago

    worst MCU movie by far

  • Jai Cilento I Love That Guy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋

    Jai Cilento I Love That Guy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋

     7 days ago +1

    ☼ pick a side traitor

  • Andie Williams

    Andie Williams

     7 days ago

    STOP WATCHING THESE MALE CUCKS. They are nothing but Quisling (foreign politicians who betrayed their own for Hitler), Lord Haw-Haw (American born British Lord propogandist radio celebrity for Adolf Hitler's Nazis). THAT IS ALL THIS JEREMY JAHNS IS. Unsubscribe from him if you are not feminist 'males inferior gendercide' as Star Trek's Gene Roddenberry quoted ever since Original Star Trek till his death why against 'womens lib' we called it back in 60s.


  • sheek1982


     7 days ago

    Raise your hand if you're tired of the term "relatable" in reference to movies

  • Kasino80


     14 days ago

    I like the story, I like the themes, I like the 90s nostalgia I like most of the movie...I just don't give a crap about Brie Larson's portrayal of the character. It becomes blatantly clear when interacts with Maria Rameau. She's a MUCH better character.

  • Andrew Neilson

    Andrew Neilson

     21 days ago

    This movies dog shit

  • Silverbreaker


     21 days ago

    i like this movie - blonde is hot

  • Hall Mike

    Hall Mike

     28 days ago

    I bought the 4k DVD to watch on a new curved 65 4k TV... should have just listened to the reviews..started out pretty dam good..but the movie plateued real quick..20 minutes in...stayed there and went down at the end.didnt feel like a marvel superhero movie.. rather something like Hancock..super average flick..

  • Racist Brownie

    Racist Brownie

     28 days ago

    Who is this empowered bitch ? Why is there people who see that kind of stupidity?

  • B88


     1 months ago

    The outcome of making such ultra perfect and unrelatable mary sue characters will be a generation of girls that will look up to them, will fail, and will build they-are-not-strong-enough insecurities

  • Sammy DeGuido

    Sammy DeGuido

     1 months ago +1

    worst MCU movie

  • Ahmad Wasi

    Ahmad Wasi

     1 months ago

    Why don't top reviews talk about the biggest change, the elephant in the room ?
    It is something that is in no other marvel movie. Why ignore this but not any other controversial topics ? because people want this to be a positive impact in the world and change peoples point of view by not talking about it because it is "okay" ?
    Seriously you all know what i am talking about but since no one is talking about it than i wont waste my time with people who want to be closed with the topic. those who agree and know then let me know.

  • emil engen

    emil engen

     1 months ago

    I hate brie Larson. She is extremely narcissistic.

  • Samuel Limas

    Samuel Limas

     1 months ago

    I'm glad you like the movie

  • Mr Wayne

    Mr Wayne

     1 months ago

    Just a sjw society peace of crap like the rest of there political movies

  • Ethan Otto

    Ethan Otto

     1 months ago

    It kind of annoys me that they completely took out Mar Vel, the original (male) Captain Marvel. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with female superheroes, I just don't see how pretending the male hero ever existed is necessary for the heroine to take the stage when Carol Danvers had already become Captain Marvel in Mar Vel's place in the comics. Or, I'm sorely mistaken, which is entirely possible.

  • Kirk Douglas

    Kirk Douglas

     1 months ago

    @3:42 Spot on! Or even Scarlett Witch in endgame was badass, but then hokey girl power scene happens?!

  • L.A. November 2019

    L.A. November 2019

     1 months ago

    That Impala SS was cool; don't remember mush else & I just watched it.

  • Shirley Allen

    Shirley Allen

     1 months ago

    I loved it!!!



     1 months ago

    The quality of the movie aside (not good, not bad, just meh, I agree with you) I Don't think that the movie is feminist.
    Of course, yes, they pretend that it is in the marketing, but I Don't think it is. The only feminist thing is that… the main character is a woman… I mean… the resident evil Movies are not feminist, Supergirl is not feminist, Catwoman is definitly not, so clearly, it's not enough to be feminist, or does that mean than the rest of the MCU is masculinist ? It would be feminist if they exploit the fact that she's a woman, have difficulties because she's a woman, and surpass the difficulties because, as a woman, she learned something that a man would not understand alone.
    Wonder Woman for exemples is feminist, because the fact that she's a woman have a role in the plot : She's a Amazon, she never seen a man, she have an optimist opinion about them despite the warnings of her mother and sisters, when she go to the civilisation, she's judged for beeing a woman, she defying the patriarchy and proove herself, and her unique experience is what vanquish the main vilain. Same thing for Mulan, it's feminist because the movie treat the poor condition of beeing a woman in this country and time, she proove herself, and her feminity is what make her a hero, because she's counting on other ressources than pure masculin strengh.
    In fact, Guardians of the galaxy Vol. 2 is more feminist despite the fact than the main characters is a man, because the movie exploit the consideration of a man for a woman and his emotions. Peter, Yondu and Rocket have to fight their "toxic masculinity", accept their emotions instead of hidding it behing their assholiness. And Peter have to accept that the woman he love… is not a price, she's don't own him anything just because he's the hero or a god, she will be with him on her own terms.

    So… no… captain marvel is not feminist, it's just a super hero movie with a woman, that's it, they even rarely mention that she's a woman. She would have been a man, the movie will stay the same… but less succesfull. The movie is more about military than gender right. The all movie is about "Don't trust blindly the orders, do what's moral first". Good moral… but still not enough to be a good movie.

    BY THE WAY ! All this idiots who complains about the "feminist propaganda" of the movie just because there is a woman in it… why Don't you complain about the military propaganda who's a 10000 times more obvious, so obvious than there is TV Spot for military recruetment who use the imagery of the movie. It's almost like propanda is bad ONLY IF IT'S NOT ON YOUR POLITICAL SIDE !