The Edge of Democracy | Official Trailer | Netflix

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 5, 2019
  • The Edge of Democracy releases globally on Netflix on June 19, 2019.

    A cautionary tale for these times of democracy in crisis - the personal and political fuse to explore one of the most dramatic periods in Brazilian history. Combining unprecedented access to leaders past and present, including Presidents Dilma Rousseff and Lula da Silva, with accounts of her own family's complex past, filmmaker Petra Costa (ELENA) witnesses their rise and fall and the tragically polarized nation that remains.

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    The Edge of Democracy | Official Trailer | Netflix

    Political documentary and personal memoir collide in this exploration into the complex truth behind the unraveling of two Brazilian presidencies.
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  • R L Guerrero

    R L Guerrero

     5 days ago

    Viva Pinochet!!!

  • Georges Henri Bastien

    Georges Henri Bastien

     7 days ago

    So sad

  • VictoriousRationis01


     7 days ago

    I am Brazilian, and I can say this division is good and will not end democracy, you can rest easy! For a people who have always been manipulated by their rulers without any political interest, today they participate and want to have a voice and say what they think. A pity not yet everyone has access to the minutiae of the political game. For the first time in Brazil, much more than half of the population wants the end of corruption as the first flag. Unfortunately the end of this corruption, you can understand for many the end of the PT, came from the not so correct Bolsonaro, which divided the nation. The country was divided between those who wanted an end to corruption at any cost brought by the PT and other parties called "CENTRÃO", the "left and middle left parties", and those who did not want aggressive, non-progressive political rhetoric like Bolsonaro. In the future I hope we will see a candidate concerned about the honesty, individual values of each citizen and using new political and fair practices.

  • VictoriousRationis01


     7 days ago

    I am Brazilian and this documentary is an advertisement on one side. Petra wants the world to believe that the working party has been led into corruption to try to change the country for the better, it wasn't that, many of us see these attitudes with the sole intention of seeking long-term power. Like Socialism. The working party invested in poverty not in the poor people. Which seems to be good intentions at first, but it is not intended to get the person out of social assistance, but to be tied the assistance to the workers' party. The workers party (PT), along with other self-interested parties, "rigged" the state in a way that we still see its reflexes, and in a letter from the board of "PT", regretted that it failed to do the same with the military, prosecutors and the means of communication. This is because failing to do so, led to the fall of Lula and Dilma. But the workers' party managed to include supporters of its case in Brazil's highest court, the STF, probably through bribery as a financial investigation intuition, COAF, found. And COAF was barred by the STF's own ministers and stopped all financial investigation in Brazil. And it stands still today October 10, 2019. Not to mention that it is practically legislating the country to try to get Lula out of jail and have already released or are about to release thousands of criminals to achieve this, because the laws they are changing do not affects only Lula. The PT plunged into the oldest system of exchange of favors in the country's congress, where bribes, ministerial and public positions were the bargaining chip. And this gang, PT and other parties that love their own interests and Fuc% the country, still managed to get elected in 2019, because of the great publicity values released by the state (party fund) and CAIXA 2(illicit money). And now the country is shocked every day seeing these monsters legislate for their own sake. And that wonderful party of Petra , the PT, every day votes against any law that comes from the government whether it is good for the population or not. Dear Petra, think about what is really pushing Democracy to the Edge.

  • chello70


     14 days ago

    Honor and character you don’t find it in the supermarkets, we are born with it, and we conquer it , from cradle. -Lula Da Silva.

  • Cachorro Doido

    Cachorro Doido

     21 days ago

    esquerdista nem é gente, flw

  • bdrmongoose78


     28 days ago

    Democracy is not good foundation to build upon. It is like building a house on sand.

  • Djhemerson Rodrigues

    Djhemerson Rodrigues

     a months ago

    Lindo documentário 🤩

  • Kalani Petterson

    Kalani Petterson

     a months ago

    Bem vindo a República da Cleptocracia do Brasil sob o comando do Congresso Nacional, PT,PSOL,PMDB,PSDB,STF,OAB .....

  • Fellippe Welch

    Fellippe Welch

     a months ago +2

    This movie shames the brazilian people! Lots of lies and idolization of these corrupt men are the main problem of this film! Ask any brazilian (like me)!

  • Jacqueline Maciel

    Jacqueline Maciel

     a months ago +1


  • Ewondogg


     a months ago +1

    What’s the song in this trailer?

  • Guy Fawkes

    Guy Fawkes

     a months ago +1

    LULA LIVRE!!!🚩

  • Shane M

    Shane M

     a months ago

    So because a member of the communist party didn’t get elected that means democracy itself is at risk? Give me a fucking break

  • Thiago Nicoletti

    Thiago Nicoletti

     a months ago +2

    I hate/love this documentary. Is almost a thriller, buts truth :(

  • Ivon Queiroz Ferreira

    Ivon Queiroz Ferreira

     a months ago +1

    My political ideal is democracy, so that every man is respected as an individual and no worshiped. Thank God the Brazilian people got rid of the squid power project and its bunch

  • Ivon Queiroz Ferreira

    Ivon Queiroz Ferreira

     a months ago +1

    O meu ideal político é a democracia, para que todo o homem seja respeitado como indivíduo e nenhum venerado. Graças a Deus o povo brasileiro se livrou do projeto de poder do lula e sua cambada.

  • Marcelo SF

    Marcelo SF

     a months ago

    Tem como ser pior? Pelo menos serve de comédia barata.

  • Thomas Bulhões

    Thomas Bulhões

     a months ago

    Splish splash, The Workers Party is trash

  • Maloqueiro Chique

    Maloqueiro Chique

     a months ago

    Luladrão slk aonde vamos parar eles ainda tem coragem de fazer filme de um ladrão que fudeu com o nosso país .