Eclipse and Java for Total Beginners - Lesson 1

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 13, 2012
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  • Mike CCO

    Mike CCO

     a years ago

    Wheres the companion download doc ????

  • Shari D. Flynn

    Shari D. Flynn

     a years ago

    This is a very helpful tutorial. It actually does double duty in that Mr. Dexter simultaneously guides you through beginning Eclipse AND Java. The great thing is, you are guided in such a way, you never get lost or confused!

  • Book reviews!

    Book reviews!

     2 years ago

    Good intro

  • Giovanni Ouaimon

    Giovanni Ouaimon

     2 years ago

    Good explanation Sir, I got everything actually

  • X-Ray Crystallography

    X-Ray Crystallography

     2 years ago

    so, where's the companion tutorial document??? stupid video



     2 years ago

    The console says ddms files not found
    please help

  • Biljana Malesevic

    Biljana Malesevic

     2 years ago

    Nice and clean. I am going to next lesson.

  • div


     2 years ago

    Thnx a lot, really helpful!

  • Drewbie Wildstar

    Drewbie Wildstar

     3 years ago +10

    YES! Finally someone who doesn't speak into a crappy mic with a heavy Indian accent.

  • eduardo marquez

    eduardo marquez

     3 years ago

    does the compiler come in the eclipse program?

  • Girija Joshi

    Girija Joshi

     3 years ago

    Where is the document you talk int he video?. how to download it?

  • Aaron Wise

    Aaron Wise

     3 years ago

    Ok how much will it cost?...

  • Arturo P

    Arturo P

     3 years ago

    Great video, very well explained!

  • David Conklin

    David Conklin

     3 years ago

    Who still uses Windows XP?

    Don't we need Java libraries before creating a project?

  • Rafael Espericueta

    Rafael Espericueta

     3 years ago +2

    For a newbie, opening Eclipse is like confronting a jet airliner control console. At first one needs some hand-holding, and these videos serve that function very well!

  • Xtreme GamingDog123

    Xtreme GamingDog123

     4 years ago +2

    Why are there no videos like this for windows 10

  • Goat Men

    Goat Men

     4 years ago +1

    The second hillbilly music plays you know this going to be fun!

  • Bari Qureshi

    Bari Qureshi

     4 years ago

    Syntax error, insert "AssignmentOperator Expression" to complete Expression

  • Kunalk93


     4 years ago

    Really helpful. Thank you Sir.

  • Zashzz


     4 years ago

    when i go to the point public Person it keeps giving me some error it will not work