When A 96-Year-Old Woman Sold Her Home, Real Estate Agents Were Stunned By What They Found Inside

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 14, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/xR1LE3yaGq8


  • Fernando Rodriguez

    Fernando Rodriguez

     8 hours ago

    Young people take care of stuff less old people furniture is clean

  • Erin Wong

    Erin Wong

     13 hours ago


  • it's definitely true

    it's definitely true

     15 hours ago +1

    That's definitely pretty cool😀

  • eleven0xi


     16 hours ago

    This house deserves to be a museum

  • john henry

    john henry

     18 hours ago

    I think Joyce would get more for the furniture than the house lol it's all beautiful well done Joyce you can be proud of your house. X

  • Warren Ripley

    Warren Ripley


    I WAS going to subscribe to this channel but the narrator goes on way too much. Very disappointing.

  • Richard Kruse

    Richard Kruse

     yesterday +1

    Too much blah blah blah get to dam point 👎

  • True Blue

    True Blue


    Did we ever see the outside of her house? Or was that all just stock footage of various houses that looked nothing alike?

  • Alexandra B

    Alexandra B


    I have been trying to email these people about a photo that is concerning me. And every step I've tried has sent me off in other directions. There seems to be no actual email address that I can reach. VERY DODGY!!!!

  • Jodene Fiona Colquhoun

    Jodene Fiona Colquhoun

     yesterday +5

    When I heard the voice I rolled my eyes. And skip through it

  • Alexandra B

    Alexandra B


    Takes years to get to the useless point!! These people just LOVE to hear their own voices!!!!

  • exdoode



    They made some grave misconceptions about the woman because she was elderly; I hope they were ashamed of themselves!!

  • Linda Skibell

    Linda Skibell

     2 days ago

    Too long.....I grew uninterested!

  • Lisa Chamberlain

    Lisa Chamberlain

     2 days ago

    That house is stunning. My house doesn't look like that now. I think I have some work to do. 😁

  • Lisa Chamberlain

    Lisa Chamberlain

     2 days ago

    I'm just glad that the kitten was saved by this lady and looks very happy.

  • Thue Iggs

    Thue Iggs

     2 days ago

    Anyone else fast forward? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
    Video was entirely way toooo long to tell a 60 Second story.

  • Bobofet241


     2 days ago

    Skip to just past the middle,it's tedious.

  • David Squires

    David Squires

     3 days ago

    What a waste of time. A two sentence synopsis would have sufficed.

  • Mary Chambers

    Mary Chambers

     3 days ago

    They judged a book by the cover . Lol x

  • Green Lane

    Green Lane

     4 days ago