The Secret World of Jeffree Star

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 1, 2018
    PART 2
    PART 3
    Me & Jeffree’s Video on his channel
    Jeffree’s Makeup
    Jeffree’s New Thirsty palette

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  • just me

    just me

     2 hours ago

    27.22 🤣🤣🤚wait I get it!!! 💃💅

  • Danica Woodworth

    Danica Woodworth

     12 hours ago

    Shane 2018: what if he doesn't like me.
    Shane 2019/2020: is BFFs with Jeffre.

  • Mack the Gamer

    Mack the Gamer

     13 hours ago

    I have watched this vid like 1000000000 times and I crack up every time and it’s bad because al ways watch this vid at night

  • Madison Hope

    Madison Hope

     14 hours ago

    My names Madison so can I work for Jeffree

  • erica coppa

    erica coppa

     17 hours ago

    anyone watching this in 2020 just to see the house glow up?

  • E.V.E.R


     18 hours ago +1

    28:05 I love the noise that Andrew does like as Jeffree was a Vampire and start burning LMAAAO

  • iTSoKayAnimations


     18 hours ago

    Jeffree just called me poor in 37 different languages 😂🤣🤣

  • HxneyAmbxr


     19 hours ago +1

    When Shane said "Nate is Jeffree Star's boyfriend, soon to be mine" I was literally shocked, maybe Nate broke up for Shane... lol

  • Victoriaaa Mariee

    Victoriaaa Mariee

     19 hours ago

    they each got 50 million off the conspiracy pallet ALONE & shane acts poor but in reality hesss super rich

  • Candice Michelle

    Candice Michelle

     19 hours ago

    I actually love him.

  • Brianna Marie Shults

    Brianna Marie Shults

     21 hours ago

    Shane you are so amazing and such a great person. I have loved you and Jeffree since the beginning and I’m glad you are doing this series. Not only is it sad but it’s like Jeffree has a lot to get off of his chest and I hope this series will help. Love you both 💖

  • Vjane hernandez

    Vjane hernandez


    Funny seeing this first episode where shane was so nervous and scared to see jeffrey star and now they are besties..

  • Hannah Peppard

    Hannah Peppard


    Mail amour head piece for sale!

  • Lydia


     yesterday +1

    28:07 Jeffree went 😧

  • idiots and friends

    idiots and friends

     2 days ago

    Is this the video where the evolution of their friendship begins?

  • Ashley Johnson

    Ashley Johnson

     2 days ago +1

    Honestly missing Jeffree and nate💔

  • Lydia Valencia

    Lydia Valencia

     2 days ago +3

    Who else in the beginning saw when Jeffrey said BYEEE the filter also went onto his tattoo

  • Chloe R

    Chloe R

     2 days ago +1

    "What if he thinks im not good enough, what if he doesnt think im funny enough"

    Them now: *Has a literal makeup collection together and are bestfriends"

  • Banana Jones

    Banana Jones

     2 days ago +3

    Can I just say-Shane’s teeth are literally perfect!! They’re SO satisfying!!!!!

  • L L

    L L

     3 days ago +1

    Back to the maids quarters for me 😂