Which Metal Grinding Wheel is Best? Let's find out!

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 12, 2018
  • Metal Grding Wheels tested: Norton, Dewalt, Warrior (Harbor Freight), Makita, Avanti, and Diablo grinding wheels compared. The price range varied from $0.99 to $6.28 per grinding wheel. Does price really matter? Let's find out! Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support. https://www.patreon.com/projectfarm
  • Source: https://youtu.be/x_v89ZU2Zsk


  • Tom Allen

    Tom Allen

     19 hours ago

    Love these video's- the "everyman" video- please don't jump the shark and begin taking cash from companies who you are testing! These are the best!

  • Robin Dobbie

    Robin Dobbie

     3 days ago

    Video idea 💡 diamond masony grinding wheels for smoothing concrete

  • VB


     4 days ago +1

    The DeWalt wheel is my go to grinding wheel for most jobs. The Warrior is faster but its dirty. I produces too much grinder wheel dust that's both in the air and all around the work area. I tried Norton wheels a while ago, likely an older version than you tested here but they were slow to cut but they lasted a long time. The problem was a wheel that's slow to cut slows down the job. The DeWalt has always been the happy medium. If I'm just working on junk outside, and don't care about clean up, I do keep a few packs of Warrior wheels on hand but only for emergencies or if I'm trying to save my good wheels for something more important. The Warrior wheels do better on softer metals and for use in places where the wheel may catch or break easy. If I'm going to damage a wheel prematurely, I'd rather tear up a $.99 wheel then a $5 wheel. The DeWalt wheels seem to be the same as the older Black and Decker Industrial wheels from years ago.



     7 days ago

    2 or 3 disk from each company... out to the companys toss this guy some disk and lets see a true test.. one wheel dont make muffins.. but good video .. HF good for backyard or weekend warriors. hell i dont have 7 bucks to toss on one wheel..

  • Adrian Abshire

    Adrian Abshire

     7 days ago +1

    I love that grinding wheel test jig! Great videos!

  • Wayne Butler

    Wayne Butler

     7 days ago

    Keep up the great work!!  I love these open, honest, comparative tests!

  • Cory Buck

    Cory Buck

     7 days ago

    I feel like it needed a longer grinding time

  • Ty Seibert

    Ty Seibert

     14 days ago

    Can you test the grinding and cutting wheel combo wheels

  • Bob Engelhardt

    Bob Engelhardt

     14 days ago

    I took your data and generated the "Pro-rated cost per gram removed". The pro-rated cost takes into account the amount of the disk used: it is the cost times the percent loss.

    Pro-rated cost per gram removed (x 100)
    % wheel Steel
    Cost loss removed
    Warrior 0.99 1.4 48 0.029
    Dewalt 2.68 0.6 38 0.042
    Makita 2.99 1.3 47 0.083
    Norton 6.28 0.5 35 0.090
    Avanti 2.77 2.0 51 0.109
    Diablo 4.47 2.3 51 0.202

    The Warrior is the clear winner. The Diablo comes out much worse than the Norton because so much of it was lost. A bar graph here:

  • Lorne Johnson

    Lorne Johnson

     21 days ago

    You didn't do the Milwaukee wheel.

  • Jackie Denton

    Jackie Denton

     21 days ago

    Try the Blackhawk cut off wheels those things last forever

  • chris jones

    chris jones

     21 days ago

    I love the thinner 8th In wheels, perfect for grinding stops and starts for pipe welding

  • Erik Andrea

    Erik Andrea

     21 days ago

    Is there a way you could perhaps test the composite metal cutting discs against the diamond metal cutting discs like Lenox Metalmax? I was wondering about the effectiveness, cost and pollution between them? Thank you for making these test experiments as scientific as possible.

  • Pyroman /

    Pyroman /

     21 days ago +1

    Love watching you videos to see the testing jigs u make

  • kenny murphy

    kenny murphy

     28 days ago

    I must say it right now Diablo is hard to beat bro 🤘🤘 they are unmatched

  • Brian~L.


     28 days ago

    Testing seems a bit rough on your poor drill.

  • Brian~L.


     28 days ago

    The jigs and setup materials are impressive.

  • HmmmmmLemmeThinkNo


     28 days ago

    I would have loved to see the ratio of grams lost to grams removed tbh, but always great to watch your videos

  • Popeye Rouse

    Popeye Rouse

     1 months ago

    I like your video of the grinding what is the best cutting?

  • Danny M

    Danny M

     1 months ago

    Great info on grinding wheels. I have searched the channel for a comparison on orbital sanding discs. Especially since the availability of that Diablo product. If there is a video, can someone point me to it? Thanks for all the great info!