GOODWILL BINS VS STORES - Battle Of The Bins For Reselling Clothes Online Poshmark eBay GW Outlet

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 23, 2019
  • This is my first “Battle of the Bins” video- like I explain above, I spent about equal amounts of time at each the Goodwill outlet and the Goodwill store. This is just one experience out of MANY, and of course will vary depending on location, luck, experience, etc. I hope you enjoy!
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  • Jerel Damon

    Jerel Damon

     a months ago

    26:35 LOL!

  • Venessa Was Here

    Venessa Was Here

     3 months ago

    I get it. Bins were a shi*hole 10 years ago, and they are still a shi*hole. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  • Anna Hatfield

    Anna Hatfield

     4 months ago

    The bins in my Area are the stuff of nightmares! I have never seen so many pooped in pair of underwear in my life and I have little kids LOL. I rarely find anything that make that nightmare worth it

  • Commonwealth Picker

    Commonwealth Picker

     4 months ago

    I just found your channel and subscribed. Really enjoyed this video. I am a reseller as well and I have small kids and a youtube channel so I understand the struggle and the hustle. You give great advice and you come off as very relatable and real. Thanks again.

  • Landy07 S

    Landy07 S

     5 months ago

    Lol! Planning to go to the bins in my area, thanks for the warning!!! Will be taking gloves, and a mask with me! Your description of the smell had me cracking up! 😂😂

  • Tori D

    Tori D

     7 months ago

    I just love how normal and non-abrasive you are! So many reseller videos remind me of MLM bullshit (Hi huns! 🤩😍🤩). You're so easy to watch, and very interesting and good at getting to the point. That's for taking the time to help all of us out!!

  • Marc Flip 206

    Marc Flip 206

     7 months ago +1

    I went to the bins. I got 40 lbs of good stuff. A good 400 resale value.

  • Mr robot XX

    Mr robot XX

     7 months ago

    I’ve been to my local bins once, I was there for like an hour, the madness of the people fighting over junks just blew my mind, I will never go back to that place again and the smell, now I know why they won’t let you video the place.

  • Kay Bee

    Kay Bee

     7 months ago

    Yesterday was my first time at the bins and I was prepared for pretty much anything. It was so much fun, like a treasure hunt. I was able to find a few things that made it worth the effort. Maybe the best part was watching all of the other people and how insane they are about waiting for the new bins! I will say that if you have an issue with people in your personal space, the bins are not for you! Some people were getting so close to me that I felt uncomfortable about it, especially considering there was plenty of room to look elsewhere. Literally, one guy was digging right in front of where I was looking, practically pulling things out of my hands. And since it was my first time, it wasn’t like I was waiting right in front of the new bins. So crazy!

  • emerald_city _seller

    emerald_city _seller

     7 months ago +1

    So jealous of your Pyrex collection in the background! You have some VERY nice pieces♡♡♡

  • Victoria


     7 months ago

    OMG! That hair, but only someone as cute as you can pull it off!!

  • debbie malina

    debbie malina

     8 months ago

    The bins by me ,30 min drive , have nothing good .there is a large goodwill store next door so I will hit both the same day but the store is not the best either for great items .! I have 2 goodwills close by me that I find Great items .i try to find things on sale and I do also get 10% off for senior discount .

  • Dana Smith

    Dana Smith

     8 months ago

    I've been binge watching your videos haha. You're Def my favorite reseller

  • Alissa Anne

    Alissa Anne

     9 months ago +1

    I went to Family Thrift Center, and then to the Family Thrift Center Outlet on the same day this weekend. I found nice things at the outlet that I believe didn't sell at the main store because they were marked so high. I got a blazer for $1.50 (they price all items the same amount based on which day of the week you are shopping) that still had the main store tag on it. It was marked at $20. It's like by overpricing it as a thrift item to begin with made them lose the potential profit. Just my two cents on why you can find nice things in the bins/outlets.

  • Shelly


     9 months ago

    The bins are hit and miss. If you have a gambler's spirit and are comfortable standing your ground, go for the bins. You will find that if you are flexible on what you are willing to sell, you will always find plenty of inventory there. I prefer the stores on sale days for jeans. Since they do weigh 1.5-2 pounds a pair, the price difference isn't much between bin and sale day for jeans.

  • Krystle Morgan

    Krystle Morgan

     9 months ago

    I like the bins. However, a lot of the other people shopping at the bins are pickers/resellers too, so there is a lot of competition. I sell vintage primarily, and I have found a few cool pieces, but I have more luck at the normal thrift stores.

  • Gypsie Gilbert

    Gypsie Gilbert

     9 months ago

    Thx for the video - learned alot!

  • Gypsie Gilbert

    Gypsie Gilbert

     9 months ago

    The closest bins to me is 3 1/2 hours away ...the other one is almost 9 hours away so I can’t go very often but the last time that I went I personally would not take children there

    I think it would be dangerous between them touching something that could cut them or getting run over by one of those bins or a lot of weird people...

    One could go missing

    I personally would not take children there

  • Jennifer Kappius

    Jennifer Kappius

     9 months ago

    Great video!! Do not take your kids to the bins! It is not for them!! It can be dangerous if they are running around.

  • Soul Fly

    Soul Fly

     9 months ago

    i think everyone and their moms are rejunking these days.... fucking prices on fleabay for designer shit is so cheap they pay you to have it shipped when you buy it !!! hilarious ending ! and damn , you have cute eyes,,,,,