We Bought a GIANT RV! Her Name is Monica, She Loves Boost! *Full Tour*

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 13, 2018
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  • Cleetus McFarland

     1 years ago

    Thank you guys so much, this obviously would not be possible without the incredible support you guys give us. Have a freedom filled day, we love you guys!

  • mob million

     6 months ago

    Cleetus McFarland white privilege

  • James Weddington

     7 months ago

    Word of advice from someone who tows a number of these things a year. Run a airline and quick connect from behind your front bumper to your air system. It will make it allot easier for an operator to air up the coach that way. Trust me you will be towed at some point.

  • Cleetus McFarland

     1 years ago

    I’m going to see if the track will let us make a pass in her 😂

  • yellin at a dog

     1 years ago

    Do a burnout in the RV

  • Everybody's Dad!

     1 years ago

    Rhys Werner you wont stfu😂

  • A random car guy

     1 years ago

    "shes the thickest girl on the channel" "shes 10 years old" hmmmmmmmm

  • dfcvda

     6 days ago


  • 1994SHOtime

     5 months ago

    LMAOOO bruh i'm dead

  • Calvin H.

     1 years ago

    Cleetus, if you are ever anywhere that you feel someone might try and steal Leroy, back the trailer up to a pole or tree so nobody can get the ramp down.. I'v dealt with those issues for years, and once i started backing up to a tree, i had no more issues.. Peace!

  • Overkill Garage

     5 months ago

    The love Cleetus has for holly is heart warming

  • PilsPlease

     9 months ago

    Ive had someone try and steal my challenger in a grocery store parking lot in broad fucking daylight. Its some fucked up shit.

  • DaToNyOyO

     10 months ago

    Is anyone else worried about *why* the airbag is rubbing? That's not right...

  • notsosilentmajority1

     11 days ago

    DaToNyOyOYeah man, I had trouble even thinking about anything else. That has got to be a huge design flaw. The clearance when brand new must have been extremely minimal and once the bags are used they expand a bit and then begin to rub. Can the surrounding areas be ground/filed/sanded down a bit and then perhaps a thin super slick substance wall be fastened to minimize or (hopefully) eliminate the issue? These are not inexpensive vehicles. Should be recalled and repaired/replaced.

  • Paul Nolan

     4 months ago

    Looks like it deformed and started rubbing due to deformation.

  • Whack bag

     1 years ago


  • JP Coppersmith

     1 years ago


  • 1216jimmyz

     1 years ago

    Bloo57999 by "10s"...do you mean minutes? Hahaha!!

  • Bloo57999

     1 years ago

    Yeeeeaap I reckon y'all throw in the all wheel drive with the 110lb booster and the dual 10" pipes, gotta make at least 3500 lb torque to make those 10's

  • SC457A

     1 years ago

    A RV is the best way if you travel and race a lot. I raced 10 years with mine. Saved a ton of time on avoiding driving to and from hotels, home and back on local track racing on racing weekends. Mileage was pretty bad 6 mpg, and the caring for basically a large truck and house at same time takes a lot.Best morning ever, wake up to track radio jammin, race cars warming up, smell of traction compound being sprayed, race gas and bacon being cooked.

  • iTheGeek

     4 months ago

    @vegjeezy17 So this is what jealousy combined with a lack of education looks like. Tell me why we should care about this, nigga.

  • kansascitycomputers

     6 months ago

    Cletus is a cool dude and showing people how it is done ! @vegjeezy17

  • Jas S

     1 years ago

    Check her tires. Because there's a tire made by Goodyear I believe, which is notorious for blowing out with no warning or reason. Do a little research on what type of tire it is just to make sure y'all are safe 😂

  • Wizardozzro

     7 months ago


  • vector6977

     11 months ago

    Jas S she uses standard 22.5 tractor trailer tires.

  • Rob May

     1 years ago

    Wind tunnel? Lol