Who is BTS?: The Seven Members of Bangtan (INTRODUCTION)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 23, 2018
  • A serious introduction to BTS. Learn the names of the 3 rappers and 4 vocalists of BTS: RM (Namjoon), JIN (Seokjin), SUGA / Agust D (Yoongi), J-HOPE (Hoseok), JIMIN, V (Taehyung), and JUNGKOOK.

    As seen on Bring the Soul, Burn the Stage, Britain’s Got Talent, Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert, SNL (Saturday Night Live from New York) with Enma Stone, Grammys, CBS Sunday Morning Report, People’s Choice Awards, BBC News, Graham Norton, Jimmy Fallon, Good Morning America, America’s Got Talent (AGT), Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs), American Music Awards (AMAs), MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), Ellen, Corden, Kimmel, X-factor. Buy their latest album - Map of the Soul: Persona with the lead single Boy with Luv (작은 것들을 위한 시) featuring Halsey

    Thank you BTS for the United Nations speech on behalf of youth everywhere! Speak yourself...

    Crash course to BTS / BTS for dummies
    Bangtan Sonyeondan
    Beyond the Scene
    Bulletproof Boyscouts
  • Source: https://youtu.be/xu0IfBvZMRs


  • SUGA & spice

    SUGA & spice

     a years ago +4828

    Share this video with everyone curious about BTS! From the bottom of the Kpop industry to the most popular boyband in the world, the rise of Bangtan has been an amazing journey. Click "CC" for more subtitles in 18 languages (thank you translators!)
    0:42 Kim Namjoon (RM)
    4:34 Kim Seokjin (JIN)
    7:54 Min Yoongi (SUGA)
    11:43 Jung Hoseok (J-HOPE)
    15:12 Park Jimin (JIMIN)
    19:11 Kim Taehyung (V)
    22:53 Jeon Jungkook (JUNGKOOK)
    27:07 BTS!

    - 11:43 I also meant to list J-Hope as a producer
    - 28:06 Their latest album (Love Yourself:Tear) was #1 in iTunes in 80+ countries (not 100)

    Per request, this is the list of BTS (& BTS-related) songs featured in this video.
    0:00 Rise of Bangtan / Attack on Bangtan
    0:41 / 2:04 Joke (RM)
    0:58 Throw it / 버려 (RM)
    1:48 Do You (RM)
    4:33 Untold Truth
    4:40 / 23:05 DNA
    4:54 Don't Leave Me
    7:14 Awake (JIN)
    7:27 Boy in Luv, acoustic ver.
    7:55 Agust D (AGUST D)
    8:21 Cypher 2, Triptych
    9:57 Wine / If I get drunk today (SURAN)
    10:38 The Last (AGUST D)
    11:10 Nevermind
    11:45 Baseline (J-HOPE)
    12:13 Boy Meets Evil (J-HOPE)
    14:42 Airplane, pt 1 (J-HOPE)
    15:12 Blood Sweat Tears
    15:49 Perfect Man (cover, original song by SHINHWA)
    16:47 Serendipity (JIMIN)
    17:07 Spring Day
    18:51 Let Me Know
    19:11 Singularity (V)
    20:19 / 22:21 It's Definitely You (V & JIN)
    21:42 4 O'Clock (RM & V)
    22:52 Fake Love
    23:19 Mic Drop (MAMA remix)
    23:33 / 25:51 Begin (JUNGKOOK)
    23:51 Dope
    27:07 Outro: Wings

  • Serenity Trisdale

    Serenity Trisdale

     6 hours ago

    I’m a little confused cuz RM is kinda like EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL

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    Oi! FeLiX

     19 hours ago

    guys I just wanted to say this..please stop mentioning bts in non bts videos or even greeting armys if you see one...people out their think ours is a really toxic fandom..let's prove we are not. FIGHTING

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    You know that theres a hidden 8th member of bts

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    0:56 Miley Cyrus approved

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    I'm getting "One direction" Vibes.

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    I love BTS ♥️ forever ❤️




    Jin is also a visual

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    Sugam aşkım neler çekmışsin be sugayı izlerken ağladım hala ağlıyom seni çok seviyorum suga ❤

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    Paü ican

     2 days ago

    me being a Month old BTS fan gets me so loosing my sleep just to learn more things about them, it's unhealthy though but i want more!!!😍😍😍😅
    If I could understand and speak korean, i wanna go korea to work and sneak on them(the BTS)!!😍😂😅😎

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    I reacted to this video on my channel and it has been the best thing I have ever done 🔥 this group is amazing indeed
    Check out my reaction on my channel ☝️

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    My heart is OMG 😂

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    Who’s looking for non armies😂😂😂

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    BTS they are kings

  • Sonal Shirke

    Sonal Shirke

     4 days ago

    Whenever I see people who know nothing about quacking stuff like they aren't talented or that ARMYS are fake, I laugh on the inside.
    They honestly have no clue do they?

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     4 days ago

    BTS= Beauty Yes

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     4 days ago

    The amount of times i have seen this video.... blows my mind.

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     4 days ago

    Seriously this is THE BEST introduction to BTS I have ever seen. Accurate and so touching! Thank you very much fellow ARMY. Much love🙏❤

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    my heart melts for these boys 💗

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    So sweet