history of the entire world, i guess

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 10, 2017
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  • Taylor Langvardt

    Taylor Langvardt

     a minute ago

    why was this shit in my suggested ?

  • So your saying you dont like anime :/

    So your saying you dont like anime :/

     9 minutes ago

    HelLo i’M stIlL a PeiCE oF gArBagE

  • Yeah Boi

    Yeah Boi

     12 minutes ago


  • Dad Mom

    Dad Mom

     14 minutes ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Charles Haynes

    Charles Haynes

     15 minutes ago

    2.4 million likes

  • Alaralpaca


     23 minutes ago

    this video is really good

  • Owlburt Eyenstine

    Owlburt Eyenstine

     27 minutes ago

    This cured my depression

  • Lex Perry

    Lex Perry

     35 minutes ago

    but it's getting closer together
    and it's getting closer together
    and it's getting closer toge-
    *IT'S A S T A R*

  • Principal Of The Thing

    Principal Of The Thing

     36 minutes ago

    The world was made in 7 days

  • Nystirion X

    Nystirion X

     39 minutes ago

    Instead of doing history homework,let’s just tell the teachers to put this on the projector smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Roadrunner


     50 minutes ago


  • Dinocayden


     51 minutes ago

    wait... THE LAST ONE IS 2028

  • Dude Man

    Dude Man

     an hour ago

    When ur history teacher gives you 10 minutes to review before your test. (Playback speed: 2x)

  • Katakuna Mo

    Katakuna Mo

     an hour ago

    Does anyone just not find this funny at all and just feel like a lot of the humor is lazy and only appeals to a very specific type of people?

  • Erock 42493

    Erock 42493

     an hour ago

    You missed a lot but whatever good enough.

  • Caralyne Blake

    Caralyne Blake

     an hour ago

    15:50 to 15:55 ASMR

  • Abstract Gaming

    Abstract Gaming

     an hour ago +1

    I shit my pants

  • cheater 59

    cheater 59

     an hour ago

    No got created you idot

  • Itzbanana


     an hour ago

    He should have added Canada gets there independence due to winning a HOCKEY FIGHT ( in that cool voice)

  • Becky The Epic Nerd

    Becky The Epic Nerd

     an hour ago +1

    Play at 1.5 speed
    Trust me