Trevor Noah Stand Up

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 18, 2017
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  • squid master101

     8 months ago

    This guy is smart af bro . It takes a 10kg brain to harness that memory for the act.

  • FrankieF10J5

     12 days ago

    Not smart, just extra curious to the things that make no sense about the United States that us citizens don't think about because we're so use to the way things are. Go to another country and do what he did and they'll think your smart for pointing out the obvious.

  • Ramsey Bayoma

     3 months ago

    “I felt like a bag of weed”🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • J Won An Oscar

     9 months ago

    You cannot name them cuz you do not have them. Yes!

  • Zulkanain Baharuddin

     2 months ago

    You are a lovely chocolate.

  • Ifra Syed

     9 months ago

    He's got a smile i would die for


     2 days ago

    Thirsty halimo

  • agbor rita

     2 months ago

    "18 hours of flying and I still wasn't black, I was Puerto Rican" lol

  • lori dancer

     16 days ago

    I JUST saw a Live at the Apollo with Eddie Izzard and Josh Widdicombe, and in that show, Trevor said he was Mexican, lol!

  • Mel A.

     2 months ago

    I've seen some of his other videos, he really good with languages. He can copy accents very well..

  • Deebo Cruz

     1 months ago

    For reel No Wha I Meen

  • Leilani Alfonso

     8 months ago

    Fact:Trevor Noah wrote a book named”Born a crime”

  • Adriana Benitez

     3 months ago

    I read that book. It was entertaining and very funny. True story of his life.


     9 months ago

    Awesome! AMERICA through the eyes of an AFRICAN discovering how COOL it is to be BLACK in AMERICA... You people weren't expecting THAT 😂😂😂

  • Darksun30



  • Samiya

     9 months ago

    He’s sooo hot because he’s smart and funny!

  • Epoch plus5

     1 months ago

    @Katrina M it's a comedy show...get a life!


     7 months ago

    It's so hot in Atlanta even Africans are fainting

  • #iamprince# Prince

     1 months ago