How a Celebrity Trainer Gets Actors in Shape for Movies | Vanity Fair

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 17, 2018
  • Celebrity trainer Jason Walsh shows you how he gets actors in shape for movies. Jason explains how he helped Bradley Cooper train for American Sniper, John Krasinski train for 13 Hours, Emily Blunt train for Edge of Tomorrow, Alison Brie train for GLOW, and Emma Stone train for La La Land. Find out exactly how actors train for roles in action, superhero, and dance movies.

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    How a Celebrity Trainer Gets Actors in Shape for Movies | Vanity Fair
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  • PrinceCharming


     7 hours ago

    Hmm...interesting.Too bad Ive never heard any of these guys,gals and movies(nor interested to watch)...Nor intetested in these actors and actresses-most (especially the gals) pretty average ,even under average looking .... Actually the trainer guy looked the best of all of them ;)

  • Edward Kim

    Edward Kim

     8 hours ago

    This guy is a real pro.

  • Thierry Levy

    Thierry Levy


    This video is disingenuous. About the Bradley Cooper segment, there is no way anybody can gain 40 lbs in 12 weeks with major strength gains training 10 times a week without using massive amounts of steroids, probably combined with other performance-enhancing drugs. Not mentioning that fact in the video is a scam. I am not saying this celebrity training is incompetent. He is just not any better than any other competent personal trainer using illegal drugs to reach their client's desired goals in record time.

  • rafo Vasquez

    rafo Vasquez


    You forgot to mention the steroid cycles

  • Afnan Abd El-Bary

    Afnan Abd El-Bary


    Bring him back please

  • A



    john krasinski wowowowowowowow<3

  • Michael Gonzalez

    Michael Gonzalez


    then we gave him steroids and voila! 40 lbs in 12 weeks

  • dsrtflwr




  • Alex Leigh

    Alex Leigh


    Did he mean by drinking protein drinking protein drinks like creatine or whey protein, if so which one?

  • aziz alali

    aziz alali


    how did he drink his calories?

  • Crimson Surge

    Crimson Surge

     2 days ago

    He should've did the workout routine with Michael B. Jordan for the Killmonger role.

  • Amanda Lockridge

    Amanda Lockridge

     2 days ago

    "You're told women aren't supposed to have a lot of upper body strength. That's bullsh*t" See, I like this guy more and more.

  • Jason987262


     2 days ago

    Cooper was deadlifting every day? Dosent muscle need like 48 hours to recover? Steroids?

  • Chloé Sammie

    Chloé Sammie

     2 days ago

    I only care about the model who's doing the lifting. 🐇

  • Petar Ivanovic

    Petar Ivanovic

     2 days ago

    Here I'll save you 11 minutes: STEROIDS and dedication.

  • V. CAI

    V. CAI

     2 days ago

    forgot to mention steroids

  • cheristar


     2 days ago

    Not going to lie. That Emily Blunt scene was beautiful and inspirational.

  • Jeremy Smith

    Jeremy Smith

     2 days ago

    Good to know Brie Larson learned how to do 10 pull ups so she could flip some switches in a cockpit.

  • LochVids


     3 days ago

    Steroids. Google it. Nattyornot

  • NakedMoleRat 43

    NakedMoleRat 43

     3 days ago

    I wonder if Clint had him murder innocent brown people in preparation too