5'11" Deivon Smith Has The Most BOUNCE In The Country!? 🚀 Full AAU Highlights!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 27, 2019
  • Deivon Smith made his name KNOWN this summer. He's only a 5'11" Point Guard but is still coppin' POSTERS! That Georgia boy is gonna go CRAZY for his senior szn at Grayson HS!
  • Source: https://youtu.be/yDTpSM8a0_I


  • Bennett Likens

    Bennett Likens

     7 days ago

    yessir! hail state

  • Tim Neuhold

    Tim Neuhold

     28 days ago

    Have you ever thought about all the dirty ass posters we ain’t seen from like practice and pick up from dudes like this?😂

  • Joshua Xiang

    Joshua Xiang

     28 days ago

    I've noticed that basketball players usually boost their height by about 2 inches greater than their real height (real height rounded up to the next inch + shoes = basketball height), but when a person has a high vertical, they want to keep their real height or say they are shorter, so it appears that their vertical is higher than it is.

  • glokk 3D

    glokk 3D

     a months ago

    Anybody knows hes legs workout?

  • Marshayla Hudson

    Marshayla Hudson

     a months ago

    Gwinnett county lol another one



     a months ago

    Why do y'all only show D-3 players?

  • dylan montgomery

    dylan montgomery

     a months ago

    He’s going to Louisville.

  • Yt Kingoffun21

    Yt Kingoffun21

     a months ago

    Am 5,8

  • Devohn The Goat

    Devohn The Goat

     a months ago

    he said pussy 0:11

  • JQ Bell

    JQ Bell

     a months ago

    Jahii Carson is better

  • Michael Kaneko

    Michael Kaneko

     a months ago

    Hoop journey taking the credit from overtime? Lol how have y’all not been taken off YouTube yet?

  • Brandon Franklin

    Brandon Franklin

     a months ago

    Louisville bound

  • John Childress

    John Childress

     a months ago

  • Kyle Deputee

    Kyle Deputee

     a months ago

    Got game but no fukin hops word that to everything

  • a rag44

    a rag44

     a months ago

    5’11 my ass 😂

  • Drippy_Josh


     a months ago +2

    Bronny is def not 6’2” if this dude is 5’11 😂

  • Dont pray for me B

    Dont pray for me B

     a months ago

    he need to chill tho he might get injured

  • Antonio Melendez

    Antonio Melendez

     a months ago

    This kid looks great but he’s gonna be in for a world of acl/mcl and all other sorts of Achilles issues potentially making him another Derrick rose if he doesn’t work on his body mechanics. Good thing is that he is still very young and has time to understand that.

  • Daniel Harper

    Daniel Harper

     a months ago

    How sway?😱

  • Tae Glenn

    Tae Glenn

     a months ago

    Stop overrating these lil dudes that’s why they all got the big head now and feel entitled and always whining like lil girls talk about him at least when he’s a freshmen in a division one college