Vol'jin Meets Lich King & Bwonsamdi - ALL Cutscenes [8.1 WoW BFA: Tides of Vengeance]

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 30, 2019
  • 8.1 Vol'jin's Story. The Horde continues to question Sylvanas' motives after she raises Derek Proudmoore. Baine & Talanji speak with the spirit of Vol'jin to find out who told him to make Sylvanas Warchief, meeting with Bwonsamdi, Lich King Bolvar & Eyir. (Now that's a handful!).Please Like/Share/Subscribe to show your support! ^_^ Save the Murlocs and have a cookie of your choice!Of course I added the music in the background silly. I thought this was like a given by now!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hitting Rank 1 & Legend First Time! (Hearthstone Guide)Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfL7L...Rastakhan's Fate Cinematic [Battle of Dazar'alor Horde]Link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWuma...8.1 Tyrande's Ascension - The Night Warrior MovieLink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8OvS...Anduin Meets Taelia Fordragon! (Alliance Finale 8.0)Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8SpF...----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Soundtracks/Images Used: (Note- All Credit for music and/or images used belongs and goes to the artists/creators of this amazing music/art. No Copyright Infringement is intended).Vol'jin Artwork (Fantastic if not the best rendition of Vol'jin I've seen so far. Big props).Link: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/1by8oBattle for Azeroth's Main Theme "Before the Storm" is composed and arranged by Glenn Stafford, with additional music by Neal Acree, Sam Cardon, Clint Bajakian, David Arkenstone, and includes classic World of Warcraft themes by Jason Hayes.Tides of Vengeance OST - A mix of Forsaken/Kul Tiran/Zandalari Themes.World of Warcraft belongs to the mighty Blizzard Entertainment.World of Warcraft® ©2004 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. World of Warcraft, Warcraft and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.
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  • Athelarius

     4 months ago

    **8.1 Tides of Vengeance - Complete Story Movie**Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8X0kNLgKypkHiya folks! This one covers the last part for the 8.1 Horde War Campaign, continuing Vol’jin’s search for who told him to make Sylvanas Warchief. Again, a big thank you to everyone who’s been patient with me on being late with some of these uploads. Although I do wish we could have gone on a nice little questline with Varian on our side.Y’know, because why not? :D Take care folks!

  • Tyler A.

     17 days ago

    Athelarius....What 1H is that during the first scene? The spinning center to it?

  • meedie

     24 days ago

    Thanks for this, I didn't get time to watch any cinematics or lore when leveling <3

  • foomancheese

     4 months ago

    Nathanos crouching behind the throne whispering to voljin

  • Mortalux

     19 hours ago

    foomancheese N’zoth... wait BUT THERE ARE NO OLD GODS IN BFA !

  • Celeste Gonzalez

     8 days ago

    Even though loa of death thinks Sylvanas has gone mad with rage.

  • iHaveGrudgeAgainstUT

     4 months ago

    It is Activision whispered to Vojin, 100%

  • Terrence Ng

     23 days ago

    to be more specific i guess it was shareholders

  • Sheogall Voidgazer

     24 days ago

    @Kaltross lol that'd be a real plot twist-meanwhile, voljin in patch 8.6:Bwonsamdi: soooooo I just spoke wit me boss and da other loa and no one here told voljin to name sylvanas warchief.Nzoth to players who still have his gift: it wasn't us either actually, didn't even think about it at the time lolVoljin: *casually ghost whistling* ......totally not tryna shift the blaaaaame.......I guess it was ghuun, good thing you guys took care of that, yaaaaay....

  • Delaving

     4 months ago

    All the "Death Gods" are just like: "Vol'jin gtfo".

  • Mortalux

     19 hours ago

    Mankrik 'The Thorntusk Butcher' missing all the old gods and titans

  • Tresidle

     11 days ago

    @ebola chan is love garrosh was a very unstable character from the start though

  • magnahoof Drim

     4 months ago

    I still miss him everyday. He is my favorite character and I think he got the short end of the stick while he was warchief. Weak ass storyline for him


     4 days ago

    @TheWanderer ADP i mean since the writers changed, thats why he became "insane".

  • Mostafa el Toukhy

     18 days ago

    Weak ass storyline for all of us :(

  • lawgiva

     26 days ago

    "vol'jin, who made you name sylvanas warchief?""aaah... the plot demands that i conveniently forget"

  • Michael Suarez

     10 hours ago

    Gungnir HD pretty certain the other old gods are alive still just inactive or defeated or whatever. When you enter Ulduar in Legion you hear Yogg Sarons whispers. However I do question the current status and activity of C’Thun and Yogg Saron. We can’t kill them, and even if we could killing them would kill Azeroth. I really wish Blizzard would let us know what the deal is with those 2

  • Michael Foster


    @Idde Jonsson More like the entity of death. Old gods are immortal in a way, but they can die. Even death can die etc.. They can die, go back into the shadows and return again but their grip on the world will be lost. Death knows that those who are not inflicted with the curse of flesh cannot be corrupted by the old gods, or something like that. Its something to do with the curse of flesh, old gods had nothing to do with the rebellion that sylvans is leading. Shes bat shit crazy because she burnt down ...

  • Patrick Schneider

     4 months ago

    The next thing is voljin will ask strangers on the street if they brought his spirit back to the world 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • WowTholyn

     21 days ago

    @Toby Clain He has to find her first. Crossroad chat is going to come back and Vol"jin will be spamming questions on where to find Mankrik's wife.

  • hella 530

     26 days ago

    Can I interest you in visiting the Blue Hole?

  • Dain Bramage

     25 days ago

    TLDR: "I dunno but Sylvanas sucks, mon."

  • Sudeep Sharma

     23 days ago


  • TheLollercaster

     4 months ago

    It was Gamon.Have noticed that he's gone missing????It's his doing

  • Tupac Shakur

     20 days ago

    @WowTholyn lmao, really? :D

  • WowTholyn

     21 days ago

    Gamon is like the player character. When he dies he comes back to life. He talks about this during the Raid when you free him.

  • Intreductor

     4 months ago

    I be lovin' ol' Bwonsamdi. He be da cool mon.

  • ZeroZeras 47

     27 days ago

    Abdulrahman in the YouTube comment section apparently

  • Gwen s

     4 months ago

    @Deutscher Geist I had to laugh so hard at this comment