NEW LEROY RECORD!!! The Fastest Pass of my Life...

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 21, 2017
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  • Oh hey its Josh

    Oh hey its Josh

     21 days ago

    Taking a look back in time and oh my word are those shifts slow hahaha

  • mike94560


     2 months ago

    This video had me grinning like an idiot the whole time I watched it.

  • James sammann

    James sammann

     9 months ago

    Cleetus u can have my 8 Inch cock

  • James C

    James C

     11 months ago

    would love to feel the power like that

  • Aaron Attwood

    Aaron Attwood

     a years ago

    My car looks Smart behind ya

  • Advanced Gaming 54

    Advanced Gaming 54

     a years ago

    by your turbo where the exhaust is it turned purple

  • John West

    John West

     a years ago

    That looks like sooo much fun!!!!  ~jw

  • cmartinez1089


     a years ago

    It was this video where you first were able to use the chute on Leroy! Awesome job buddy.

  • jason alexander

    jason alexander

     a years ago

    I've never understood that whole lowest boost setting thing everybody does it i don't see why you.dont just crank that fucker right up to max and tune down for tire spin

  • jay too random

    jay too random

     a years ago

    Waiting for Leroy to go 200mph

  • bob smiths

    bob smiths

     a years ago

    It’s fun to rewatch your old videos but it’s weird to watch them and then think “Leroy was that slow?” That thing is a savage this year, how long until you hit the 7’s?

  • mariam fadel

    mariam fadel

     a years ago

    Super duper epic cool

  • Boeta Pretorius

    Boeta Pretorius

     a years ago

    Hey man!all the way from South Africa.enjoy youre videos very much.super cool.

  • 707 Chevy

    707 Chevy

     a years ago

    I remember when you purchased Leroy!
    Never thought he'd be on the quest for 7's one day. Those Bald Eagles are quite impressive

  • Jack Thornton

    Jack Thornton

     a years ago

    hoonigan did a montage of all burnouts, you should do something similar

  • Luka Drmaž

    Luka Drmaž

     a years ago

    Leroy is a beast!!

  • Max Power

    Max Power

     a years ago

    Too much goodamn fun.. i bet it feels like fighting a monster, and winning!!!

  • Trent C

    Trent C

     a years ago

    I want to see Leroy driving down Dale Mabry lol id deffinatly try and run it on my bike.

  • BackYardAgainz


     a years ago

    That exhaust starts le roy starts to go!!! I wanna drive once if u use it k..

  • Matt Greene

    Matt Greene

     a years ago

    I'm falling in love with turbos now. Maybe time to ditch my TVS.