Feeding my fish MASSIVE WORMS | The King of DIY

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 1, 2018
  • Feeding my aquarium fish massive worms!!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/yMnMelAVBKs


  • The king of DIY

    The king of DIY

     3 months ago +483

    Dont eat as you watch this video... if you have a weak stomach like me lol....

  • seven togel

    seven togel

     9 hours ago

    how much for that blue base arowana

  • Ron Nal

    Ron Nal

     20 hours ago +1

    if i have to survive with insects, i'll have cricket and bamboo worms

  • Maciej Lapinski

    Maciej Lapinski

     2 days ago

    Zajebiste masz ryby

  • King_Clips FN

    King_Clips FN

     2 days ago

    You should get some red belly piranhas they will really have some fun with worms and live food if you have a school of them but nice video man

  • Legandery Grape_potato

    Legandery Grape_potato

     4 days ago

    which chin out of the 10 he has

  • Ken Miller

    Ken Miller

     5 days ago

    Good Eating the rays will get use to. Enjoy!

  • jmie31l22


     7 days ago

    I must say "2 love birds" had to be the best feeding EVER!! And no your worm jokes were fine and laughed my but off, and dont worry my 8 year old girl didn't catch the worm jokes. She just asked if they were going to kiss when they were eating the same one. Love watching our Joey!!! 😊

  • vedanti kalia

    vedanti kalia

     7 days ago

    i know that feeling but in my case i got my first fish tank and my betta fish doesnt eat anything and its scary :(

  • Tap tap Game

    Tap tap Game

     7 days ago

    3:19 hello flower horn fis

  • HeilMeinFuhrer76


     7 days ago

    Wondering why you didn't chop up the worms for the smaller fish before dropping into tank?

  • james rose

    james rose

     7 days ago

    Awesome fish dude👍

  • Connor


     9 days ago

    i like feeding worms but have to wear gloves haha its so hard to get the smell off your fingers haha

  • uberflutak


     9 days ago +1

    Joey. What camera are you using? The colours are incredible. Autofocus is really accurate. Loads of DoF, which lens are you using? The dappled light is gorgeous. Such beautiful work.

  • Shipfus Are Laifu

    Shipfus Are Laifu

     10 days ago +1

    How do you spell that species that's with the clown loaches?

  • RBAWintrow


     10 days ago

    @19:05 Freedom!

  • phuơng cái

    phuơng cái

     11 days ago

    that small flowerhorn looks like a male one to me

  • Dolly Games

    Dolly Games

     12 days ago +1

    So many pervy jokes! 😂

  • XCaliber 49

    XCaliber 49

     12 days ago +1

    But Good Fish though

  • XCaliber 49

    XCaliber 49

     12 days ago

    Epic fail