Behind the Read: Refusing to Let Go | Long Island Medium

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 22, 2013
  • A woman gets and unexpected and difficult message from her brother. | For more, visit

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  • Mary Thomas

    Mary Thomas

     2 days ago

    Jeez! Bunnies are born in backyards all over America all summer long! Ain't no big deal. Absolutely psychic ability is real. Just not in everyone who claims it.

  • Temple Beth El

    Temple Beth El

     2 months ago

    Theresa is outstanding

  • shashaneka


     2 months ago +2

    Too cute.. She said I would abuse the power trying to talk to him everyday ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

  • Memphis Presley

    Memphis Presley

     2 months ago

    I would be a little skeptical thinking she looked things up before going to meet people however things that she says that know one else would know

  • Rita  Alicea

    Rita Alicea

     3 months ago

    Your nails look awful.

  • Sophie Harrington

    Sophie Harrington

     4 months ago

    it's the worst feeling when a family or someone Blame's you for their death I understand they're looking for someone to blame I've lost to many people and could blame other's but because I know how that feel's I'd never put that guilt on someone it can cause great depression and lead other's to do something they might not usually do be nice to one another his girlfriend must feel so down and bad having all that on her shoulder's please don't tell me they stopped her going to the funeral that would be horrific not to say goodbye and he wouldn't want that .

  • Erik Gorm

    Erik Gorm

     4 months ago +7

    Always have an open mind. Your body dies, your soul loves forener.๐Ÿ’—

  • Alle Garcia

    Alle Garcia

     4 months ago +42

    โ€œYOu hAd BWunnYs BWoRn In yA bAckeYard?โ€

    Love her

  • Jonnie Mae Middletonlotte

    Jonnie Mae Middletonlotte

     5 months ago

    Theresa Kaputo is heavy duty. The Best! Right. Thanks Theresa.

  • Diane Ebury

    Diane Ebury

     5 months ago

    I just need 1think from my mum please.

  • Diane Ebury

    Diane Ebury

     5 months ago

    Hay. Please help me

  • Mr.SnugglyDick


     5 months ago

    hard to take these mediums seriously with their overblown hair

  • weepingwillows21


     6 months ago

    I want a private reading with Theresa! She rocks!!

  • Sherry Sprattler

    Sherry Sprattler

     6 months ago +10

    I tell people all the time ,when a loved one passes you can still talk to them anytime. And if you open your eyes you can see the signs the give you. And when you dream of them that is also there way of showing you they are okay. Do something in there memory like if they are an animal lover donate a park bench at a zoo or dog park with there name on it. There are so many things you can do in a loved ones memory.

  • Annette Changfoot

    Annette Changfoot

     6 months ago +1

    You need to wear blue more often.

  • Annette Changfoot

    Annette Changfoot

     6 months ago

    Stunning dress Theresa.

  • Cece Furnace

    Cece Furnace

     7 months ago +1

    Can I be on the show? I really need to hear from my dead sister๐Ÿ˜”.

  • Rose Ainec

    Rose Ainec

     7 months ago +1

    i wish she was closer so she can do reading for me too.. i know my mother is at peace now cause i stopped dreaming about her since she died..when she was still alive i wasn't able to take care of her when she was sick and i keep dreaming bout her . i sometimes wish that she's still alive so i can take care of her and show her that i love her..

  • Tasha Bensman

    Tasha Bensman

     7 months ago +2

    so I experienced maybe being hit by heat lightning at 4am on my bday on May 26th. last night I woke up to these tiny bright lights flying around my room. I said "ok my heart is about to explode." lol and then one light floated over my body and disappeared leaving an extreme peaceful feeling. what is going on??!

  • Elizabeth Samuel

    Elizabeth Samuel

     7 months ago +1

    Theresa makes everyone feel better , that's what matters. .. .....