From the Fall of Dinos to the Rise of Humans

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 16, 2018
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    After taking you on a journey through geologic time, we've arrived at the Cenozoic Era. Most of the mammals and birds that you can think of appeared during this era but perhaps more importantly, the Cenozoic marks the rise of organisms that look a lot like us.

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  • Justin Dumas-Carr

    Justin Dumas-Carr

     a years ago +571

    link to the poster please!

  • Edgar Martinez

    Edgar Martinez

     9 hours ago

    Monkey fish frog squirrel

  • tigerstriper


     15 hours ago

    I had to double check that I was remembering this right, but there is a small mistake. Ardipithecus was the first genus of homonins, with australopithecus following shortly after. However, the term australopithecines is used to describe a group of genera of which both ardipithecus and australopithecus are included

  • Jose Nieto

    Jose Nieto

     2 days ago

    The way I see it, a beautiful story and everything purposely made .

  • DannyStar91


     7 days ago

    So if the species has changed that much, does that mean in a million years from now all the species would have changed?

  • Russell Westbrook Fan since 2010

    Russell Westbrook Fan since 2010

     14 days ago

    Dude in the video looks like a reptile.

  • Raven


     14 days ago

    Loved this! Thanks

  • Purpleoceangnome


     21 days ago

    Do the evolution of mushrooms

  • Jan Žižka

    Jan Žižka

     21 days ago +1

    WTF? Synapsids did NOT evolve from Reptiles.

  • Axei mash

    Axei mash

     28 days ago +3

    Thank you for this recap of the last million of years, I'll be sure to do much more research (that my school doesn't recognize) and learn even more.

    Ps: Thank you for helping me through my difficult time of school, they won't give me the education that I so desperately want.

  • Daniel Olsen

    Daniel Olsen

     1 months ago

    Lots of densely packed information, thanks guys

  • Andrew Cannon

    Andrew Cannon

     1 months ago

    What are you saying about global warming? You must not know but the dems say that we are hotter now than ever and if we don't start eating corpses and babies then Satan will destroy the Earth. Everybody knows that.😉

  • MelVIP


     1 months ago

    0:47 Depends who we're talking about...

  • K- Man

    K- Man

     1 months ago

    Never been found of Darwinism. Way too much hidden history and very little evidence to support it. I think some Government somewhere must have founded Darwin's theories like they did with man made global warming.

  • toob


     1 months ago +1


  • Jori Bremer

    Jori Bremer

     1 months ago

    Still wonder what earth would look like around 65 million years (just after the extiction) till 60 million years ago ..

  • Mr Mister

    Mr Mister

     1 months ago +1

    I think we should protest against evolution, how come other mammals get to eat raw meat but we get worms and die when we eat it

  • alain elsen

    alain elsen

     1 months ago

    can you make a video about the evolution of lay eggs to pregnancy?

  • Eliza Sayers

    Eliza Sayers

     1 months ago

    Hank needs to be queer eyed so bad

  • NorthernZeus


     1 months ago

    So really warm temperatures are great for most forms of life. Especially hominid s and mammals. Got it.