“Send Her Back” & Trump’s Divisive 2020 Strategy - Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 20, 2019
  • “Trump’s plan is to paint The Squad as the most un-American people possible… to appeal to that portion of white voters who determined the electoral college in the last election and say, ‘I’m with you, not these people.’”

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/yYsV0OBIasA


  • arcoz elio

    arcoz elio

     7 days ago

    US electoral system is one of the parts of Constitution that should be changed, like the Second Amendment; it is more 200 years old, of course it can't be up to date

  • A Swaney

    A Swaney

     14 days ago

    And that's why the electoral college is archaic, obsolete and harmful to our democracy. It should be abolished.

  • Reo Ality

    Reo Ality

     21 days ago

    In what is the definition of a kidnapped slave, and why wouldn't a kidnapped slave want to return to their Homeland such as the black people in America. What is the definition of Stockholm Syndrome? Black people want to keep separating themselves from whites but yet they don't want to return to their Homeland ? Is it because white people have made such a amazing inventions that black people cannot stand to leave

  • Reo Ality

    Reo Ality

     21 days ago

    But what is the definition of a patriot, and what is the definition of a coward, a coward leaves their country for a better country.

  • Marke Sertalkink

    Marke Sertalkink

     21 days ago

    REALLY smart man! Really smart!

  • Thomas Tamir

    Thomas Tamir

     1 months ago

    The squad is anti-white and anti-Jewish. When St. Alexandria's mouth is running all you hear is white this, white that.

  • TheMatron'sMilitia


     1 months ago

    Life in the fasc lane

  • Felis Impurrator

    Felis Impurrator

     1 months ago

    Come on! It's up up down down left right left right B A start!


  • Gateaux Q

    Gateaux Q

     1 months ago

    I think on any given night Trevor could say some crazy shit was tweeted by Trump and a. There’s a 50% chance he really did, b. 95% of the audience doesn’t know every single tweet he’s made in the last 24 hours, and c. there’s also a 50% chance that Trevor’s random crazy shit happened to be what the president tweeted. A numbers game indeed

  • Kwazi Hlela

    Kwazi Hlela

     1 months ago

    America is not a democracy...

  • Luthien Seldomane

    Luthien Seldomane

     1 months ago

    Please hit the X on the electoral college. America is no longer comprised of early 1900's farmers.

  • J-Dubb


     1 months ago

    That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

  • Aman Mankar

    Aman Mankar

     1 months ago

    2:27 You're a true 90's kid if you got this cheat code.

  • Gary Woolton

    Gary Woolton

     1 months ago

    Unamerican ... How familiar is that... Hmmmm McCarthy anyone?

  • Fiddle Pants

    Fiddle Pants

     1 months ago

    Just remember folks... Trevor Noah defended someone (AOC in this case) who compared U.S. border control detention facilities to Nazi extermination camps. The difference is obvious. For one of those camps, people got to choose the path that got them into the camp.

  • Paradise Soon

    Paradise Soon

     1 months ago

    Ciao Trevor how are u .
    So happy I don’t get involved in politics
    It’s all messed up

  • novicetech1


     1 months ago

    I love these "Between the Scenes" session. This one bought to mind a great quote from Octavia E. Butler's Parable of the Talents:

    Choose your leaders with wisdom and forethought.
    To be led by a coward is to be controlled by all that the coward fears.
    To be led by a fool is to be led by the opportunists who control the fool.
    To be led by a thief is to offer up your most precious treasures to be stolen.
    To be led by a liar is to ask to be told lies.
    To be led by a tyrant is to sell yourself and those you love into slavery.

  • Nathan Brown

    Nathan Brown

     1 months ago

    This is it. The flaw in this system. One of the major flaws is the representatives in the electoral college.

    Individuals who are supposed to represent the will of the people who act with a will of their own when in office...

    Your job is not to pick who you want in office. It's not to pick ideals that you feel help. You pick what the people ask you to pick because you represent more than yourself and your interest.

    Capitalism has no business in politics. The thought of making money should not be why you run for office. Being offered money should not be why you make a decision regarding domestic policy.

    The electoral college and people who preside over the creation, amending, and abolishing of laws are some of the biggest offenders...

  • Sovietman2291


     1 months ago

    The problem with supporting AOC is that, well, she don’t know how a garbage disposal works. If she don’t know how to use a standard appliance, then how can we expect her to run America?

  • Jorge Gordillo

    Jorge Gordillo

     1 months ago