All Distant Worlds Albums Music From FINAL FANTASY Games by Nobuo Uematsu

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 27, 2017
  • Distant Worlds 1
    0:00 - Opening~Bombing Mission
    4:02 - Liberi Fatali
    7:18 - Aerith's Theme
    13:06 - Fisherman's Horizon
    17:59 - Don't be Afraid
    21:44 - Memoro de la Stono~Distant Worlds
    30:26 - Medley 2002
    38:30 - Theme of Love
    43:52 - Vamo'alla Flamenco
    48:07 - Love Grows
    53:18 - Opera "Maria and Draco"
    1:05:33 - Swing de Chocobo
    1:10:06 - One-Winged Angel

    Distant Worlds 2
    1:14:32 - Prelude
    1:17:54 - The Man with the Machine Gun
    1:21:28 - Ronfaure
    1:26:08 - A Place to Call Home - Melodies of Life
    1:33:05 - Zanarkand
    1:37:36 - Dancing Mad
    1:48:18 - Victory Theme
    1:48:27 - Suteki da ne
    1:54:51 - Terra's Theme
    1:59:10 - Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII
    2:05:51 - Prima Vista Orchestra
    2:07:22 - Dear Friends
    2:12:33 - JENOVA

    Distant Worlds 3
    2:19:26 Hymn of the Faith (FFX)
    2:24:13 Battle & Victory Medley
    2:29:04 Kiss me Good-bye (FFXII)
    2:33:56 Not Alone (FFIX)
    2:37:56 Balamb Garden - Ami (FFVIII)
    2:43:26 Character Theme Medley
    2:49:57 Fabula Nova Crystallis (FFXIII)
    2:52:51 Blinded by Light (FFXIII)
    2:57:05 Primal Judgement (FFXIV)
    3:02:15 Roses of May (FFIX)
    3:06:02 Chocobo Medley 2012
    3:11:39 Balance is restored (FFVI)
    3:16:48 Answers (FFXIV)

    Distant Worlds 4
    3:27:38 Battle with the four fiends (FFIV)
    3:31:50 The Damalsca Estersand (FFXII)
    3:35:55 Phantom Forest (FFVI)
    3:40:07 The Oath (FFVIII)
    3:45:33 Apocalypsis Noctis (FFXV)
    3:47:44 Festival of the hunt (FFIX)
    3:51:04 Dragonsong (FFXIV)
    3:56:45 Main theme (FFV)
    4:00:40 Zephyr memories - Legend of the Eternal Wind (FFIII)
    4:03:43 Cosmo Canyon (FFVII)
    4:07:37 Fang's theme (FFXIII)
    4:11:09 Somnus (FFXV)
    4:13:43 Torn from the Heavens (FFXIV)
    4:18:10 Final Fantasy Theme
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  • CC Tidus259

    CC Tidus259

     10 hours ago

    i can't be the only one ... but they should sing in japanese ... imo, the english covers seem so wrong, the way she sang "suteki da ne" (for instance) feels ... not smooth ... (don't know how to explain it >.<)

  • Andrew Christianson

    Andrew Christianson

     23 hours ago

    Wow this is AWESOME!! Thanks so much for putting it on YouTube! B)) The FFVII orchestrated songs.. wonder if they're in the new FFVII remake. I won't be able to play if for awhile since I won't have a PS4/5 for awhile. Gave up my old PS3 a few years back trying to get out of gaming. Once a gamer, always a gamer.. I always find a way unfortunately LOL!!

  • Nevin Labadie

    Nevin Labadie

     2 days ago

    Torn from the Heavens <3

  • Mackenzie Usher

    Mackenzie Usher

     2 days ago

    This is amazing and I am so happy to have come across it, but I will admit that I find some of the artist's interpretations off the mark. In Memoro de la Stono, the pop singer over top of a classical choir is not a great mix to my ears. And Aerith's Theme is supposed to be a dirge. Even though her story is ultimately a happy one, I don't feel like that is what that piece is about. Anyway, just my two cents. Great work by all the musicians (and director) all the same. I hope that orchestras never stop performing this music.

  • -Learn Any Instrument-

    -Learn Any Instrument-

     3 days ago

    13:06 - Fisherman's Horizon :)

  • すぺしゃるうぃーく


     14 days ago

    日本の誇り 間違いない

  • Nathaniel Castro

    Nathaniel Castro

     14 days ago

    Eumatsu is my Alltime Hero!!! He gives me hope in my darkest hours and a great childhood. what would we do without such an amazing Man he brightens the lives of Billions!!! He's the best Hands Down. If anyone deserves a chance at becoming a God in the next World he deserves the first shot.

  • Dale Mackinnon

    Dale Mackinnon

     21 days ago

    I hope all songs in the FF7 Remake use Distant World type tracks.

  • ethan ivey

    ethan ivey

     21 days ago

    been so long for some of the songs

  • James Weinberg

    James Weinberg

     a months ago

    Distant world's 3 that ff12 ending theme song ohhhhhh beautiful 😢

  • Héritage Québec

    Héritage Québec

     a months ago +2

    I like it : In every FF games there's a french reference. For now it's : Swing de Chocobo.
    Okay just "de" is in french but it's a little blink of an eye to us, french talking players.
    Personally, i think Japanese people love the French. I saw so many things make by
    Japanese but with some french allusion : "Radical Dreamers - Le Trésor Interdit",
    Au palais de verre (title of a FFI song on Matoya's theme), when i was younger
    i was watching : Sous le signe des Mousquetaires; it's also made in Japan but
    it relate the novel of Alexandre Dumas.

  • Roberto Bratti

    Roberto Bratti

     a months ago

    Sketching with this background is magic... to much feels argh

  • ohayosugoi


     a months ago

    idk why but i just imagined my wife walking down the isle to this lol. where are you wife!? forget here comes the bride youre walking ur ass out to this lmao

  • うりごめurigome


     a months ago


  • Big Boss

    Big Boss

     a months ago +2


    Tidus got hit by a bird in the middle of the stage

  • Hi Ich Bin Barney

    Hi Ich Bin Barney

     a months ago +5

    Damn, I thought I'd be over this by now but Aerith's Theme really pulled some heartstrings.

  • Lord Valdomero

    Lord Valdomero

     a months ago

    I wish to have a fried to share this

  • Roksana Lepkowska-Akrong

    Roksana Lepkowska-Akrong

     2 months ago +1

    All of em are so godamn

    10/10 5 star God music

  • Cristián Paris

    Cristián Paris

     2 months ago

    No Quina Theme, I no can like.

  • Sean


     2 months ago +3

    The bombing mission was used in the FFVII Remake trailer.......I think?