Inside China's High-Tech Dystopia

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 24, 2019
  • In part three of Hello World Shenzhen, Bloomberg Businessweek’s Ashlee Vance heads out into a city where you can't use cash or credit cards, only your smartphone, where AI facial-recognition software instantly spots and tickets jaywalkers, and where at least one factory barely needs people. This is the society that China's government and leading tech companies are racing to make a reality, with little time to question which advancements are net positives for the rest of us.

    Part One - Inside China's Future Factory

    Part Two - China's High Stakes Robot Wars


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  • Spectar 123 Do

    Spectar 123 Do

     47 minutes ago

    The way I see it: In China the government is the almighty. Therefore they able to control almost everything in China. Whereas in the United States the corporations are the almighty. If you really think about it the internet companies Google and Facebook in the U.S , invade people privacy, collect people data and benefits of them. Corporations also ran the US government with lobbyists money and back door deals, politicians is just puppets on a string and policies are all written to benefit the top 10% which all of the top 10% are on the board of director for these corporations.

  • mae


     16 hours ago

    We are way behind. Why are we call a first country. Next to china we are mostly considered a 3rd country or a country in development.

  • Eva Fung

    Eva Fung


    What r u talking about??! Every country's monitoring their citizens in various degrees... u hypocrite!

  • Sam Ann

    Sam Ann

     yesterday +2

    USA collect your data & sell it for profit. Is it better? Do you feel betrayed? 🤔

  • sandysalads 03

    sandysalads 03

     yesterday +1

    Couldn’t even buy porn with AMEX

  • Loony Tbom78

    Loony Tbom78

     2 days ago


  • Appolo Geticks

    Appolo Geticks

     2 days ago

    China's workforce is slave labor supported. This is communist propaganda, do not believe Bloomberg.

  • Me Here

    Me Here

     2 days ago


  • Shekhar Nepali

    Shekhar Nepali

     2 days ago

    One of my best city Shenzhen

  • event horizon

    event horizon

     2 days ago +1

    asking to someone "do you feel like you are in a different universe" for the usage of a social media stuff is kind of racism i think. You exactly mean that using facebook is the normal or the standart, but why ? for controlled or designed by Chinese government ? how do we sure facebook not supported or controlled by u.s government ? by the way the speech is on 7:42 and that is very insulting.

  • Sabad Abdi odowa

    Sabad Abdi odowa

     2 days ago

    This all to make white people to forget their own pliat.

  • Sabad Abdi odowa

    Sabad Abdi odowa

     2 days ago

    In the UK young people are microchip for small crimes.

  • David K

    David K

     3 days ago

    The rise of the Cylon nation starts in Shenzhen. ; )

  • Chris Ackerley

    Chris Ackerley

     3 days ago

    Not a world I will live in! I purchased an old-school flip-phone from Wal-Mart for $30. No more iPhone for me! A futile protest? Probably but, if we all refuse to participate, such a system won't work here.

  • Frederick Douglas

    Frederick Douglas

     3 days ago

    This mf is so racist... lmao

  • Varun Singh

    Varun Singh

     3 days ago

    I see nothing wrong with what China is doing in terms of social behaviour monitoring. They are making sure people follow rules in all aspects of life. China is not limiting anyone to do what they want as long as they follow rules. Now if you think jaywalking, stealing, committing crimes is freedom and one should not be punished for it then you are wrong.
    That guy jaywalking is wrong and he was punished for it. In the west, he would've probably died one day as millions die in jaywalking incidents.
    Now next time he'll not do it.

  • 394pjo


     3 days ago

    China isn't a country, its a ten thousand year old civilisation that gave the human race Iron Smelting, Sailing ships, the Compass, the mechanical clock, gunpowder, the firearm, the written word, moveable type, astronomy and paper manufacturing.
    Compare this to America's contribution to humanity; Slavery, pornography, opioid addiction, fructose corn syrup, monster trucks, cross dressing and nascar. We should not be so hasty in judging the Chinese and their culture.

  • Real X

    Real X

     3 days ago +4

    U can't control almost 2billion people with democracy.
    Americans already destroyed countries using "bringing democracy " like Libya, Iraq and etc.
    That not how it works .

  • Ray Kenley

    Ray Kenley

     3 days ago

    In the West,it called credit check and postcode lottery.The spending behavior,the postcode you live,and the school you go, pretty much determine which class you and your children with land in your entire future.

  • Tasfoolia - pranks

    Tasfoolia - pranks

     3 days ago +1

    I think it is so sad how predictable the human race is - wasn't this just all so inevitable?