Creed 2 - Movie Review

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 21, 2018
  • Adonis Creed returns to take on Victor Drago, the son of the man who killed his father. Here's my review of CREED 2!#Creed2
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  • Austin Burke

     7 months ago

    THIS is how you do a sequel. It changes it up just enough to keep you on your toes but gives you everything that you wanted going in. Creed 2 freaking rocked. One of my new favorites of the year. Great review Jeremy!

  • vik saggu

     29 days ago

    Austin Burke I cried

  • Guilshad Joseph

     3 months ago

    I liked the scene where at the final fight Bianca was making her entrance

  • Mike Mines

     7 months ago

    Did anyone notice Tessa was dressed like Adrian from the first rocky during the first fight?

  • Aiden N

     3 months ago

    yeh because the hat that adrian lost and tessa was wearing the same hat

  • m .r.b

     3 months ago

    Yes!!!! I was like heyyyyy she looks like Adrian

  • Dave Adrian

     7 months ago

    Creed 3: Adonis faces Mr. T's son...

  • Samer Samara

     7 months ago

    Creed infinity war: Adonis faces thanos

  • Clothy22

     7 months ago

    Dave Adrian Lil’ Clubber

  • Aaron Nicewonger

     7 months ago

    Adonis Creed vs Tommy Gunn Jr...You know some brainless executives are already planning....

  • mccowaniii

     6 months ago

    @Dao Yang eh rocky's death should be him giving Adonis the cufflink that Mickey gave to rocky and saying the same speech would

  • Dao Yang

     6 months ago

    Please no! I want to see the next Creed to be mostly about the death of Rocky. He dies of old age. Rocky's son comes back, feels bad, supports Adonis in his corner. The antagonist could be some dude with a big mouth. Calls out Adonis for fighting a bunch of old fools who were passed their prime, and getting lucky with the win against Viktor Drago. He challenges Adonis. I think that'd be a great premise. In the end, Adonis Creed re-opens Mickey's old gym.

  • King Of Cringe

     7 months ago

    "you killed my father, prepare to die"

  • God Emperor of Mankind 3.0

     7 months ago

    i found my daddy dead on the ring floor! you're not the son of a boxer, drago, you're the son of a murderer!IS THIS YOUR CHAMPION? IS THIS YOUR CHAMPION? nah. im your champion

  • Asif Ali

     7 months ago

    Saw the trailer yesterday on TV and ended up exclaiming- is this your champion? Is this your champion? Nah I'm your champion! 😂 Must have been this comment 😂 😁

  • Jasir Cook

     7 months ago


  • Hisoka

     7 months ago

    Both Stallone and Jordan have marvelous chemistry, and the student teacher relationship is well drawn, while not reading as sappy. The final boxing match was so enthralling, my knees shook a little. There hasn’t been a film in 2018 that affected me so deeply. If you miss Creed 2 for fear of seeing “another one of those Rocky movies,” then you’re doing yourself a major disservice.A+ - C S.

  • Flash Wilson

     12 days ago

    I think the end of the final fight is too abrupt all of sudden it's over with no emotional power like previous installments in the Rocky / Creed franchise.

  • Fine Lines

     5 months ago

    @All LightWhile I disagree with your preferences because I think that darskinned women are beautiful, I couldn't help laughing at your My Hero Academia referenced name, profile pic, and how it all ties in with your comment. Keep sending the bad darkskinned chicks my way if you don't want them.

  • Solyu 0212

     7 months ago

    Wonder if this movie is gonna be playing "Living in America" 😏

  • Edward Gaines

     6 months ago

    James Brown is see dead.

  • Deandre

     7 months ago

    cr87129 I was glad as well. Solid film

  • Edward Sanchez Productions

     7 months ago

    Let’s get ready to watch this movie review

  • Aaditya Bhattacharya

     7 months ago

    I feel Creed films r our generation guy cry films and I love it


     5 months ago

    @Chap blablablabla go and find something to do , too much resentment.

  • Alexander De Jesus

     5 months ago

    I cried like baby during creed 1