What Causes Mass Shootings? | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 6, 2019
  • Trevor takes a closer look at the roles that anti-immigrant rhetoric, violent video games, internet hate groups and mental illness play in the U.S.’s gun violence epidemic – and, of course, the guns themselves.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/yiER4rUrGN8


  • ArcticGlitterWulf


     19 hours ago

    Why does Trump always look as though he just came out of a house fire... like his face always looks so dirty.

  • lol


     19 hours ago +1

    lmao republicans trying to blame gun violence on video games, bunch of clowns getting NRA shoving money up their asses

  • IrMa2119


     22 hours ago

    Those gags and hired behind-the-stage laughs while talking about mass shootings... just not used to american shows)

  • Mr Me

    Mr Me


    Or could it be a society driven by a social media kinetic that fosters regular people to desire a fame equal to that of celebrities, but for mundane, even negative things?

  • Tony Touch

    Tony Touch


    What causes mass shootings? White people!

  • Walker Nicholas Barr

    Walker Nicholas Barr


    Japan hacks people with machetes... a janitor in a kindergarten school hacked 14 kids and some adults with a machete... sorry guys I’d rather than be shot than stabbed

  • Widdekuu91



    It's not videogames on it's own, I've played videogames, I'm still the same person, having trouble to speak up for myself and hyperfocussed on crafting costumes from those videogames.
    However, if you're already busy with weaponry and at a young age, violence and weaponry and violent videogames are being shown and normalized to you, (especially people carelessly speaking of other human beings to their children, as if teaching that every idiot deserves a shot in the neck) it won't help either.
    There's no problem with being a little more strict on the videogames, as long as you simultaniously offer help to the families that are in trouble with their children anyhow.
    It doesn't work to restrict the games and let the fighting families and the depressed teenagers continue to struggle. There are multiple causes and multiple solutions and why not all of them?

  • Chris R

    Chris R

     2 days ago

    Marriage is way down, birth rates are way down, race, gender, and class tensions are way up, political tensions are way up, nihilism is way up, the mental health field is floundering drug use is way up, doctors are hesitant to prescribe anything other than tylenol to anyone who actually needs anything...

    Basically, our young people have little to no prospects for a meaningful and fulfilling future, a present filled with self centered self indulgence, and their only source of happiness left is blind consumerism and drug use.

    Is it really such a wonder why some people are going full Joker with it and trying to end it all by burning whatever parts of this world are within their reach?

  • HistoricalDogeking ,

    HistoricalDogeking ,

     2 days ago

    GTA causes violence,

    Then Minecraft must make people care about the planet

  • iBelieveEverything iSeeOnYoutube

    iBelieveEverything iSeeOnYoutube

     2 days ago

    Mmm, tide pods....

  • Ask Kure

    Ask Kure

     2 days ago

    I guess people wouldn't shoot someone with a gun if they didn't have a gun ...

  • synchromorph


     3 days ago

    Kill someone in a war
    Get a medal, you're a hero
    Protect yourself in everyday war
    You're a minority, you go straight to jail

  • Thrifting Wizard

    Thrifting Wizard

     3 days ago

    Stop killing these young white men in video games and let them win some. That includes you too Asia. :)

  • Aman Kamdar99

    Aman Kamdar99

     4 days ago

    I think Bullying causes mass shootings..

  • Jose Cardona

    Jose Cardona

     4 days ago +1

    Guns dont kill people! People kill people regardless if they have a gun or not.

  • Bean Gang

    Bean Gang

     4 days ago

    Why is it that no one talks about the fact that most likely the shooters had piece of shit parents that didn’t teach them to care about people. Why do they just want to blame it on all violent video games, movies and guns like that is the only factor? It’s just like If you teach a pitbull to be a piece of shit and fight other dogs then that’s what it is but if you train it well to be a good dog then that is what you will get. I know there’s always exceptions but 9 times out of 10 I think this is how it works. Please tell me if you disagree.

  • Don Kapsalon

    Don Kapsalon

     4 days ago

    If I sold guns in my country, and there would be 2 mass shootings in a year, I would stop selling guns. but that is exactly the reason I am not rich.

  • Electric Joe

    Electric Joe

     4 days ago

    Only and all white people play video games? How interesting, cause literally all my friends that joined my Minecraft server yesterday are black, middle eastern, and Asian... guess since I’m white and I play video games means I’m going to kill someone. Can someone get MattPatt to talk about this instead? We all know he’s the only one that can talk about it reasonably

  • Iris Juhasz

    Iris Juhasz

     5 days ago

    people: video games cause mass shootings
    me, mourning the loss of sven’s boyfriend: am i a joke to you?

  • halt evrybody

    halt evrybody

     5 days ago