Battle of Giurgiu, 1595 - Story of Michael the Brave (Part 2)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 20, 2019
  • ➤ Get 75% off NordVPN! Only $2.99/mo, plus you get an additional month FREE at - Sign up with the promo code "historymarche"➤ LINK TO PART 1:➤ Consider supporting our work on Patreon:➤ Narration: Alexander Doddy➤ Script: Albert Weber, MA➤ Many thanks to Albert Weber, MA, for providing invaluable research material for this video. I highly recommend his books Corpus Draculianum. It's an outstanding work of research on medieval Romanian history.Corpus Draculianum vol1 Draculianum vol2 Draculianum vol3➤ Sources:Deepest thanks to Albert Weber, MA for allowing me to use his own research on this topic, and for pointing me towards most of the sources used for this video. His contribution is truly invaluable.Europe and the 'Ottoman World' - Gábor Kármán, Radu G. Păun, Ovidiu CristeaOttoman Plans of Expansion in Hungary in the Fifteen Years' War - Sándor László TóthThe History of the Romanians - Constantin C. GiurescuThe Ottoman Empire 1300-1650. The structure of power - Colin ImberRising up to the Turkish challenge - Ion Florescu (article)Conquered by the (S)word: Governing the Tributary Principalities of Wallachia and Moldovia (16th-17th Centuries) - Radu G. PăunCritical chronology of the rulers of Wallachia and Moldova, 1324 -1881 - Constantin RezacheviciRoumania. Past and present - James Samuelson#ottomanempire #calugareni #romania
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    ➤ Get 75% off NordVPN! Only $2.99/mo, plus you get an additional month FREE at - Sign up with the promo code "historymarche"
    ➤ I feel I could've explained better the reasons why Michael had to retreat. After Calugareni, Sinan Pasha held his nerve and didn't retreat. He had more troops coming over the Danube and he refreshed his army due to the vastly superior Ottoman resources in men and material. The Ottoman Empire was a superpower, which could recover from defeats such as Calugareni, while Wallachia was a local power and could therefore not afford any mistakes in this conflict. When Calugareni didn't open the way for Michael to stop the Ottoman invasion, he had only one more chance at Giurgiu...

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    The whole Romania was waiting for this video.Great content as always.Congrats HistoryMarche!

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    Romanians national sport : ambushing ottomans near a bridge.

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    Finally! Been waiting for this video.

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    Please continue with these series! They are awesome and give insight into the lesser known history of europe

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    Wallachia was a human player. It can’t be annexed...

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    Best regards from Romania!

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    Thank god for the their efforts... From Bulgaria..

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    i'm romanian and i know what will be in the part 3 ... but i don't want to make spoilers ;) excellent presentation ,bravo HistoryMarche!

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    Great video! Keep em coming till the united Walahia Moldova and Transilvania 😎

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    Mihai must have been one of those human beings with lots of energy, lots of willpower. I suspect that on some level, the situation actually energized him.

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    Here com Baba Novac!

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    It's always great to see new video from you 😃

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    Republic of Moldova is Romania!

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    Thank you so much for putting out such amazing videos. The more Romanian history videos, the better.

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    Last time I was this early Byzantium was still a thing.

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