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  • Published on:  Monday, January 7, 2019
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  • Alg 2003

     6 months ago

    Roses are RedViolets are BlueI have 0 friends How about you

  • Caleigh Santos


    I'm from the future and all I can say is PewDiePie is a MINECRAFT YouTuber

  • Kim

     2 days ago

    That cause nobody likes u

  • Addie_ SlimeTime

     2 months ago

    Feel free to use this as your “Hi Yessica” button! ❤️😋😛



    I'll use the 👎 as Hi Yessica But thanks the other offer🙃

  • Banana Millz

     6 days ago

    um... i dont know if this is a manufacturing error but... the thumbs up one didnt work so i pushed the other one and it worked...thanks for the “Hi Yessica” button tho

  • Lolbit •.• The Shopkeeper Fox

     1 months ago

    " Where's Yessica?WHERES YESSICA?!*WHERES YESSICA?!?!* " -Lia

  • Roger Oliveira

     11 days ago

    She’s up your butt right in the corner

  • Applesauce 762

     12 days ago

    I like Yessaca!

  • Peddle Bish

     3 months ago

    "If my FBI agent is watching Hey wanna go out for coffee?"

  • Milo Shy

     1 months ago

    @roromns 82 did you even watch the video?

  • roromns 82

     1 months ago

    what the hell

  • Rose Wild

     1 months ago

    8:16I'm SO surprised Lia didn't catch the words up at the top. "Arrogant Willy" 😂

  • Autumn Kliss

     3 months ago

    This once happened to me...Me: **cough**Tv: Buy our brand new cough medicine!Me: Wth??? How did this happen?!?

  • Wolfe...F....

     5 days ago

    Producers be stalking you

  • Roger Oliveira

     11 days ago

    How bout get a chill pill

  • Bonnet [FNAF: SL - kind - crush: ???]

     3 months ago

    Everyone always asking what Germany doing.But they never ask, “How Germany doing?”.

  • PremiumSoupBoi

     6 days ago

    where is gamora who is gamora what is gamora

  • WinterTommyFan#1

     29 days ago

    im german

  • Marie Ernest

     1 months ago

    Roses are red Violets are blueI love sssniperwolf How bout you.

  • Lavish Strawberry

     1 months ago

    Someone:"ya guys like lia?"me:YESSICA!!

  • Jezzii

     6 months ago

    For every like You will be given whatever you want for 2019

  • Jay Are

     11 days ago

    I want no more crime I want nintendo switch a new iPhone the new one a new laptop new tablet and I want 37 million subs

  • -cookies- ÙwÚ

     13 days ago

    I want to be a billionaire first