10 Most Unique Lions in the World!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 30, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/yoecv7Noq1A


  • Dimadome12


     23 minutes ago

    Black Lion: "I am more unique than the black panther."

    Nonbelievers: "That nigga lyin" (lion)

  • Thomas Abung

    Thomas Abung

     7 hours ago

    5:47 Lion: F*uck off ))))

  • Xavier Savage

    Xavier Savage

     19 hours ago

    S t e v e

  • Ten Ways To Wear It

    Ten Ways To Wear It

     21 hours ago

    Two Black lions known in the world... literally the rarest, and you don’t end with that one. 🤣

  • Andy Mckendrick

    Andy Mckendrick

     22 hours ago

    Wow the white lion is so beautiful more like majestic

  • Mr. Groovy 2 Shoes

    Mr. Groovy 2 Shoes

     2 days ago

    Black lion .LOL.

  • achuletta aquilo

    achuletta aquilo

     2 days ago

    How is it a Masai lion then also found in Ethiopia and Mozambique?

  • achuletta aquilo

    achuletta aquilo

     2 days ago

    There's no black lion either it dipped in a oil reserves

  • LaZy Maktown

    LaZy Maktown

     2 days ago

    The black lion is a regular lion just covered in dirt .

  • Saturn & Jupiter

    Saturn & Jupiter

     2 days ago

    Very rare..

  • Frank Lucas

    Frank Lucas

     3 days ago

    Ok so only 2 black Lions but 300 white ones and black is 10 but white is 1🤔hmmm

  • Mousechick L

    Mousechick L

     3 days ago

    The pic of the black lion was proven to be fake as someone used techno mojo to digitally alfter the colour of the fur. @Origins Explained is a much better and well researched Youtube platform.

  • DowgFish


     3 days ago

    here I thought there was only one species of lion.

  • ahdi tah

    ahdi tah

     3 days ago +1

    The black lion is so beautiful 😍

  • MammaDuck


     3 days ago

    That black lion looks like a cross between a lion and a newfoundland.

  • ram samson

    ram samson

     4 days ago +1

    my lion is 6 meter high huge head like car lengt 22 meters my lion is biggest buuuuu

  • Kristie C

    Kristie C

     4 days ago

    2k 👎for beautiful lions?? Wtf is wrong with some people

  • Jenni Flyygyrl

    Jenni Flyygyrl

     4 days ago

    I used to shop at Black Lion at Concord Mills Mall in Charlotte NC.

  • Ginger loves Jesus

    Ginger loves Jesus

     4 days ago

    God has made such beautiful animals. I wish all people would respect and protect all of God’s creation!

  • sgdeluxedoc


     4 days ago

    That shot of the black lion walking in front of the jeep is interesting, since the narrator is saying that "nobody has ever filmed the black lion in motion". Er.. ok.. ?