Earning The Title - Making Marines on Parris Island

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 9, 2015
  • Full Marine Corps boot camp documentary covering all phases of Marine Corps Boot Camp on Parris Island. Covers USMC boot camp arrival (receiving) through graduation. Understand what it's like at Marine Corps boot camp on day 1 all the way through the USMC Crucible. If you want to answer the question, How do you become a Marine?, this video is your answer.Marine Corps IST-Fitness standards for Marine Corps boot camp. Male recruits must be able to do 3 pull-ups or 34 push-ups & female recruits must be able to do 1 pull-up or 15 push-ups. Both are required to do 44 crunches in 2 minutes and run 1.5 miles in under 13:30 for men and 15 minutes for women. Recruits are advised to report to training in much better shape, as the IST run is only half the distance Physical Fitness Test required of all recruits prior to graduation.Incentive Training in Marine Corps boot camp is common if they don’t meet standards for Marine Corps training.Grass Week is also called “snap in”. The recruits spend time practicing their firing positions, also called “snapping in”. In Marine Corps Basic Warrior Training, or BWT, recruits learn the fundamentals of combat; they sleep in the field and eat MRE’s. The Crucible is the defining moment of USMC bootcamp. Recruits will learn the standards required to pass the Crucible, they know how long the Marine Corps Crucible is and how to pass The Crucible.Marine Corps Emblem “EGA” Ceremony - The Eagle Globe and Anchor emblem is the symbol the embodies what sets Marines apart from other branches of service who delineate themselves by occupation specialty or demonstrate allegiance to a specific unit through the wearing of a patch or emblem. The only symbol Marines recognize is the Marine Corps Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. Receiving the emblem signifies that the recruits have earned the title of United States Marine. They will now stand with their instructors as the Nation’s newest Marines.The USMC Boot Camp Gas Chamber experience is intense.Marine Corps Inspections are frequent and demanding during USMC boot camp.USMC Phase 2 includes swim qualification. All Marine recruits are required to know how to survive in the water. “Every Marine a rifleman” is a mantra that is central to the Marine Corps culture. Marine recruits must meet standards to qualify in Marine Corps marksmanship.Marine Corps boot camp Phase 4. During Phase 4, the new Marines begin to transition from their roles as recruits into that of United States Marines. During this phase new Marines now call their Drill Instructors by their rank. Instead of “Sir” or “Ma’am,” it is “Sgt” or “SSgt”. The Drill Instructors continue mentoring the new Marines by conducting discussion periods on critical topics that will help the new Marines to be successful in their transition to the operational forces.Battalion Commander’s Inspection in Marine Corps Recruit Training in 2019.The Battalion Commander’s Inspection is the final opportunity for the new Marines to be evaluated prior to graduation. As in previous inspections, they are measured on their appearance, but more importantly, the Battalion Commander is evaluating them on their confidence, character, and whether or not they embody the Marine Corps’ Core Values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment.Marine Corps Family DayOn Family Day excited families line the streets and try to catch a glimpse of their Marine running by in formation. Family Day starts off with a motivational run, referred to as the “MOT Run” throughout the Depot. All graduating Marines run in formation while singing motivational cadence, loudly signaling successful completion of Recruit Training. As recruits run to the cadence of their Drill Instructors, parents, family members and friends line the streets and cheer as they try to find the face of their loved one among the crowd of new Marines.After the MOT Run, the new Marines have a chance to see family and friends for the first time during on-base liberty.Marine Corps boot camp graduation is conducted on Friday in a formal ceremony and parade, attended by family and friends.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/ywMOVae6FWI


  • Lightwing games

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    1:54 "THE WORD 'I' IS NO LONGER APART OF YOUR VOCABULARY!" *communism intensifies*

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    Yeah great fresh Cannon fodder

  • Reinhold Walter

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    Yeah great New Cannon fodder

  • KG

     4 months ago

    Boot camp is about 90 % mentality and 10 % physical. If you can handle somebody yelling at you and telling you that absolutely everything that you do is wrong, you can make it. It's not easy but it's definitely worth it.

  • Butter OnToast

     17 hours ago

    Man I do that to myself, someone else doing it'll be easy

  • Greg Rock

     17 hours ago

    I tell that to any kid standing by to head out to The Island who wants to start grilling me about what to expect. Barring some undetected medical issue or freak training accident, success or failure depends almost entirely on how bad you wanna be a Marine; if you want it bad enough, the rest ultimately takes care of itself. And you will find out really fast how bad you really want it. I think pretty much every guy in my platoon who dropped did so in the first two weeks; many of them were gym-rats and j...

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    Karen Glasgow ITS AYE SIR !

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    Yeah but I’m level 40 in phantom forces on roblox so there’s no contest

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    I've got PTSD form Vietnam:Roblox editor. The trees are speaking I think i can't really hear anything

  • Robert Reed

     3 years ago

    I went through boot camp in 1982, I came out of the Gas Chamber and said that wasn't all that bad a DI heard me and said come here miss Reed. I had to go through it again LOL

  • Joseph Brinson

     6 days ago

    Robert Reed I went through San Diego MCRD in 1982. A Company, Platoon 1025

  • Tristan Nix

     4 months ago

    “It’s alright to cry” the most powerful and emotional words ever spoken by a marine. ❤️

  • Junkman2000

     14 days ago

    Wow, that almost brought tears to my eyes. We didn't have that ceremony when I was in but I know how that young Marine felt. The change is forever. Semper Fi.

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    Did I hear that right. “Every time I open my face , you will respond back”

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    Cant run 3 miles? No problem, join the Air Force. Lmfao

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    Zachary Flohr Have you served? If not STFU!!! I bet you haven’t!

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    Running is for chicks. You gonna fight or flee during war? When has anyone in combat ever needed to run three miles?

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    I spat out my coke when they said gas chamber. I wasn’t expecting that choice of name

  • Daniel Silva

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    @Mr. McGoo you definitely can breathe in cs gas. It fucking sucks, and that's the very point of it but you are able to breathe in oxygen still. You will not die even if you were locked in a cs gas chamber all day.

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    How its made- marines

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    Tommy Scully I like eating the red crayons they taste like cherries 😂😂

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    Cassy Suarez they’re fighting risking their lives while y’all dumbasses make jokes about them