3 Minute Headlight Restoration

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 21, 2016
  • Headlight Restoration Quick Easy Cheap You may even have the materials in your garage right now.
    This is how I can restore a headlight's clarity in less than 3 minutes. This lasts as long as a year or more.
    The materials used are as follows:
    *Paper towels (the blue shop paper towels work best but I use what I have)
    *Dish Washing Soap (aka blue juice (don't drink it), Window cleaners with ammonia are not recommended, this is a change based on lessons learned https://youtu.be/o3FxpAxRiYk)
    *0000 Steel Wool (this is to scrub the debris off the headlight lens)
    *Acetone (aka nail polish remover, it has to be pure acetone)

    For more tips and tricks see the rest of the videos in this series:

    Yes the video is over 6 minutes long, watch the second half to see why and how it works.
    I have used almost all of the known techniques to restore headlights lenses, all of them have good points and all of them have real problems. I have used this method for many years on many different cars, trucks and our motorhome, it is the fastest, least expensive, and most effective method I have used.

    Note: If you choose to try this, when using the acetone, wipe in one direction only and do not rub or scrub the acetone into the lens as this will cause damage to the lens. This process can be used again on the same part only after the plastic has completely solidified again, about 1 hour.

    I have a background in plastics fabrication, and acetone is one of the chemicals that is used to polish the edge of cut plastic such as polycarbonate.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/z2ZRKPshPVM