Top 10 Raid Bosses You Feel Bad About Killing (World of Warcraft)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 6, 2018
  • Saurfang Machinima as well as a few other shots and the thumbnail were done by Captain Grim -

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    --The list--
    8-Festergut and Rotface
    7-Argus the Unmaker
    4-The Paragons of the Klaxxi
    1-Saurfang Jr.
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  • ELF



    All the meme subtitles on the video that replace names of characters are kind of disruptive as someone who wants to, like, know what is going on in the video

  • Swangz


     4 days ago

    song in begining

  • Tatiana Devos

    Tatiana Devos

     4 days ago

    The subtitles are goood

  • Th3N0thing


     4 days ago

    Okay try to turn on subtitles and rewatch, GOLD!

  • Arinix Heart

    Arinix Heart

     5 days ago

    I got ashes of alar on my first run so I didnt farm very long..

  • Drekulviin X1

    Drekulviin X1

     7 days ago


    Subtitle say ; Handicaped boi
    later it's changed to ; extra meetings
    hahaha i love subtitles

  • UberSeamus


     7 days ago

    “I hate bug people” DATS WACIST

  • dudle core

    dudle core

     7 days ago

    0:18 NO?! kael is a self centric prick wtf are you talking about? the things he said to gain even more power? if so then gj, then you have to argue about how good hitler was building the autobahn's and allowing free speeding till today...

  • Miniscule Bug

    Miniscule Bug

     7 days ago

    "Bell you ables" LMFAO

  • Stacey M. Parker

    Stacey M. Parker

     7 days ago

    Baubles is pronounced "bobbles".

  • Lance Rauler

    Lance Rauler

     14 days ago

    Fish bois and edgy bois, whoever you are, i love you

  • Hellrider Gameplay

    Hellrider Gameplay

     14 days ago +1

    man i cry on the nazgrim :( For the HORDE !!! :( :(

  • Trapped marine

    Trapped marine

     14 days ago

    Holy shit those subtitles

  • Jamersunify


     14 days ago

    Saurfang Jr always makes me tear up.

  • Saykut Yeşilkaya

    Saykut Yeşilkaya

     14 days ago

    Wow really? No Voss? I am surprised.

  • Adrian Snipes

    Adrian Snipes

     14 days ago

    can u not say baubles or?

  • Guy Fawkes

    Guy Fawkes

     14 days ago

    Killing horde is never something that makes me bad.

  • Alex Wolf

    Alex Wolf

     14 days ago

    Argus Never said a word to me when i killed him, not once.

  • blehblehbleh


     14 days ago +1

    #teamillidian @teamkaelthas

  • Agnar_BurnsAll


     14 days ago

    i'd like to point out that no people were actually sad about killing saurfangs son. cuz they'd have to listen to that monologue everytime they started the first and that shit got real old real fast!