Top 10 Raid Bosses You Feel Bad About Killing (World of Warcraft)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 6, 2018
  • Saurfang Machinima as well as a few other shots and the thumbnail were done by Captain Grim - Media-- you can't get enough of my videos you can always check out my other channels as well -Yu-Gi-Oh - Battles (in WoW) - 10s - - Channel - to join the network I'm under? Its probably one of the best ones to join for a gaming channel - of the Video backgrounds in this video were made by "Amitai Angor AA VFX" list--10-Kael'thas9-Atramedes8-Festergut and Rotface7-Argus the Unmaker6-Illidan5-Vaelstrasz4-The Paragons of the Klaxxi3-Archavon2-Nazgrim1-Saurfang Jr.
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  • MrNoxxis

     1 years ago

    Jesus Christ, I had no clue Archavon's story was this sad ;_;

  • ravejjj

     23 days ago

    @Darwin Xavier na it was there from day 1, they just added new lines with every new boss

  • Christian Watson

     8 months ago

    Yeh now I feel bad

  • RandomGamerCory

     1 years ago

    killing festergut and rotface does not just feel like killing a childit feels like killing a special needs child

  • F D

     19 days ago

    He means a retard or mongolic syndrome kid...

  • Joker

     1 months ago

    is that better or worse?

  • Yeney izations

     1 years ago

    Should of shown the alliance side to saurfang. Varian at the time was a die hard horde hating machine, but had so much respect towards saurfang that he let him take his son's body and leave.

  • windwalker000

     15 days ago

    holyshit i swear some of these people are from rp-pvp server

  • Peter Philipson

     18 days ago

    Also, after BFA launched we learned that it's the canon version of the events.

  • Skoll Shorties

     1 years ago

    Out of all the bosses I feel bad for. Archavon & Nazgrim... Feels bad man. Grim did an amazing job holy gods on that cinematic.

  • Necronpariah 123

     4 months ago

    The worst for Archavon is, that he doesn't even seem to know that he gets killed over and over again. It's like geting reborn over and over again while remembering everything exept the momment he dies. Alsow, he doesn't seem to know that his master are death or in short, never come back.

  • Jim Raynor

     5 months ago

    14:23 "The Scourge has been cock..."

  • MrFantocan

     4 months ago

    Kael is the most screwd character in WOW, and you put him in last? He even turns a Crack Elf in the Sunwell. He was awesome in W3 but WoW has a thing for screwing good storylines.

  • G00b3r B0y

     22 days ago

    It’s because of the mount he drops

  • Elsa Frost

     1 months ago

    maybe he was only on place 10 because everyone is used to him being "bad" at this point.i on the contrary am not known to get over things like these very easily. i am still mourning af

  • K1TT3N

     10 months ago

    Wtf are those English captions?!?!?Kael Thas is called DAT BOI etc.. where am I!?!?

  • Demonlogist

     1 months ago

    English subtitles are golden here

  • van treyu

     4 months ago

    Lol I thought I was the only one

  • grimfang999

     1 years ago

    While a strange choice, I always feel sad about killing Operator Thogar in blackrock foundary.Why? Because he did nothing wrong. All the others are kinda jerks at the very least. Thogar? He conducts trains, he loves his job, and is so committed to his job that even while fighting most of his "attacks" are literally just him multitasking, doing his job while you all bear him up.It just seems like in any other situation... he would be a really cool guy. He loves his job, commits to it fully...

  • Lilith Sasha-McGarry

     3 months ago

    Here’s the thingFestergut and rotface ARE children They were made by souls and the flesh of children

  • Milan N.

     1 years ago

    Nazgrim for sure. But as a DK, I felt really happy to see him raised as a DK and put in our Order Hall.

  • Bleislash

     5 months ago

    @Deathcoldan wrong. Dk stays locked in undeath, they can't go neither to hell nor paradise

  • Deathcoldan

     1 years ago

    Milan Nikolić you know he is destined to hell for that because his soul has been tarnished.

  • trebull 890

     1 years ago

    Can we just appreciate the little animation for the paragon part