Rami Malek was a bad, bad boy | The Graham Norton Show | BBC America

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/z888RfTq_Qo


  • Stormtrooper

     2 months ago

    Plot twist Rami is actually in the audience and Sami is doing the interview

  • Bruce Bosch

     16 days ago

    Ha ha

  • Mr g charecter

     26 days ago


  • //.exe.//

     5 months ago

    Even if Rami Malek is bad, don't stop him now. Because he's having a good time, having a good time.

  • jacob_ films

     6 days ago

    He's having a ball

  • Jennifer Graham

     15 days ago

  • Big S

     6 months ago

    Rami and Sami, seriously?! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 😀

  • man united

     1 months ago

    It's not strangeNikhil and Akhil..my brother and I

  • Imogen Carney

     5 months ago

    I T H O U G H T H E W A S I N H I S E A R L Y 2 0 S

  • marishkaaable

     2 months ago

    Them Egyptian genes

  • CaptainNightmare

     3 months ago

    He’s almost 40! Wild

  • slytherinfelton

     6 months ago

    when he said “bad, bad, bad boys” i felt a tingle in my lower regions

  • Alex

     9 days ago

    chill ijdenjbfnjknjk

  • bora s

     13 days ago

    @a girl has no name lol how dare she

  • Lost & Found Sunnies

     6 months ago

    Rami has the most beautiful speaking voice!

  • Anka Re

     5 months ago

    "But you and your brother, whats his name?""Sami." "Sami?""Yes?"Uh. Just. So. Soft. Damn.

  • Lisa x

     11 days ago

    Liisa Serafina yess that’s what i thought, just the way he moved his head or something was really attractive

  • Liisa Serafina

     11 days ago

    I’ve been waiting for this comment for so long lol ’cause I just loved the way Rami answered ”Sami”

  • Flenif2247

     6 months ago

    There are TWO of him?. MEE-OW!!

  • Carolyn Grace Marie

     5 days ago

    Flenif2247 kennnnnnnnny

  • Praiseworthy Nobleman

     7 months ago

    He's 37 but he look like 20's

  • Ky La

     8 days ago

    Wait what..? 😱

  • K Smith

     7 months ago

    Is it me or is Chris Pine totally crushing on Rami? I ship it!!!

  • SaraM25

     12 days ago

    Oh not just you!! I ship it hard! And they keep moving in towards each other too.

  • yepido noldol

     2 months ago

    @a'ite what even, y'all delusional af