460whp Bulletproof Rotary? Daily Drifter FC RX-7 Gets Thrashed on

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 10, 2019
  • You may know John Vargas as the guy that's always fixing Hert's car - and you're right. But lurking in the shadows, sneaking (ok, "borrowing") parts off of Hert's builds, was Vargas's daily driver FC RX-7. Now that it's been out in the wild though, Vargas has been proving his engine building chops by driving cross-country with it... and not being easy on the thing at all.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/zDnma76Z8Zw


  • Hoonigan Daily Transmission

    Hoonigan Daily Transmission

     6 months ago +461

    If Vargas and Hert started a drift team, what would their team name be?!

  • Steve Cherrett

    Steve Cherrett

     2 days ago

    I just watched an old episode and why hasn't the Napalm Nova coming killed tires yet Scotto what's up what's up

  • Buddameyer Buddameyer

    Buddameyer Buddameyer

     4 days ago

    Mochi is the bomb, ok skids



     7 days ago

    Yes bring the shirt back. Hert do you need them parts right now really?

  • Artur Fedulov

    Artur Fedulov

     7 days ago

    Rotor is fetish , but still so week torque that even in burning tyres he take 2nd gear so heavy...

  • No Limit Brian

    No Limit Brian

     7 days ago

    thats how you know john is real puertorican we borrow shit and you have to ask us to borrow your own shit back lmfao

  • Ηλιας Πρς

    Ηλιας Πρς

     7 days ago

    8:33 now thats what i call perfect rotary sound

  • Morgan Kinney

    Morgan Kinney

     14 days ago

    There’s a bunch of these Mazdas for sale up here in Montana for less that 2k....

  • Hood Wiki

    Hood Wiki

     14 days ago

    Peep the Terminator theme 4:02 😆

  • Sonya Moua

    Sonya Moua

     14 days ago

    Say hooligan 10 times really fast

  • Rubi- Blythin

    Rubi- Blythin

     14 days ago

    “We scratch each other’s backs”

    “Is that what you guys do when the doors are closed?”

    Fucking legendary

  • Anthony Dominguez

    Anthony Dominguez

     14 days ago

    3:23 -3:31 lol 😂 savage lol 😂

  • JSenpai242


     1 months ago

    Street sharks 69 ayeee!!!!!

  • Mahad ali

    Mahad ali

     1 months ago

    Ok, honestly, didnt expect this because didnt know this, but Vargas is a pretty decent fu**ing driver, I mean, the guy knows what the fuck he getting at.

    And p.s thankyou for the footwork show during the drives, really really helps put things into perspective.

    Great video guys, Thank YOU!!

  • Lon'qu


     1 months ago

    Angry Bee Noises

  • volxify!


     1 months ago


  • Elijah Burgins

    Elijah Burgins

     1 months ago

    What exhaust is that on the black FC?

  • Cliff P

    Cliff P

     1 months ago +2

    Oh my god there’s Grady old red cup Grady with his red cup!

  • Manie Strijdom

    Manie Strijdom

     1 months ago

    Crocks , rotarys and gold wheels your my MAN

  • Noah Malcomb

    Noah Malcomb

     1 months ago

    Sometimes I forget how good hert is