Save The Show - DanTDM Creates a Big Scene (Ep 1)

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 7, 2017
  • Dan thinks his live show needs a reboot. Determined to wow his fans, he sets about transforming it into an awesome extravaganza. With the ‘help’ of his animated ‘friends’, Dan finds that putting on a live stage show is tricky. Especially when Dr. Trayaurus brings his replicator.

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  • Kawaii Koala

    Kawaii Koala

     an hour ago

    The logo is yellow it’s tripping me out XD I’m used to it being blue now when I look at it all I think of is gold XDD 😂

  • Antoine Antoine Dominic S. perez

    Antoine Antoine Dominic S. perez

     2 hours ago

    Me me me me me me

  • Antoine Antoine Dominic S. perez

    Antoine Antoine Dominic S. perez

     2 hours ago

    But iam your only fan dantdm 😊🙂😁

  • Elisey player

    Elisey player

     3 hours ago

    The cringiest thing ever dan did

  • PooDye Pye

    PooDye Pye

     5 hours ago

    Only OGs will remember
    Hi guys Dan here from The Diamond Minecart.

  • Sami Ahmed

    Sami Ahmed

     7 hours ago

    Lol I thought this was in 2019 but it was in 2017

  • Trey Sauce

    Trey Sauce

     9 hours ago

    hu hu hu hu hu HuHUhUhUhuHUHuHuHuUU

  • DoggoMcDonalds


     14 hours ago

    no offence but really cringey

  • Patricia Lucas

    Patricia Lucas

     15 hours ago


  • Julius Alvarez

    Julius Alvarez

     16 hours ago

    He pretty much forgot about his friends

  • Ryder Rogan

    Ryder Rogan

     17 hours ago

    The editing is poop

  • katie goodhew

    katie goodhew

     22 hours ago


  • katie goodhew

    katie goodhew

     22 hours ago +1


  • Viralgamer507



    This gives me memories of when I used to live in the U.K

  • kroom Xd

    kroom Xd


    Haha haha twin evil dan hate to do the show again

  • Justin Lim

    Justin Lim



  • Terminator



    (•_• )
    ( •_•)
    ( •_•)<(2019?)

  • Lalduhsaki Changsan

    Lalduhsaki Changsan


    Whos here 2019

  • Angeldygr


     yesterday +1

    YouTube recommendations? why this? BTW, NOSTALGIA!

  • Sneakyterminator 5032

    Sneakyterminator 5032

     2 days ago +3

    I just imagine when they filmed this Dan just stood in a Room and talks to nothing