Now That I've Cleared Naxxramas, Was It Really That Hard?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 23, 2019
  • Time to re-visit my most popular video (again), but this time with having done the full raid on a vanilla private server. So was it really that hard? Let's find out!

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  • Garrett Morley

    Garrett Morley

     5 days ago

    25m KT in wotlk at launch still felt like an accomplishment! Missed out on max in vanilla but I raided it pretty hardcore in wrath! Good times 👌🏻

  • geckoztom


     14 days ago

    This was very pleasent to watch eventhough i wanst even looking for this content

  • ibage508


     14 days ago

    You didnt actually need to do all of this. In fact,no where NEAR all of this...

  • TheBrotbert


     21 days ago +1

    I honestly feel happy for you. Years and years of having this urge to finish an unfinished task, and finally do it. Feels good and bad at the same time, you finished your task, and i hope you will find your next one that is worthy for you to put that much effort into it. Good luck!

  • The one n only Dmangq

    The one n only Dmangq

     21 days ago

    This information may not be even accurate for Classic WOW due to the fact that Private Servers have inaccurate raid mechanics example:. Boss health & damage

  • kukingina


     21 days ago

    All we cleared on naxx was trash and instructor ravenus lol

    I was the lone shadow priest too xD

    Aq40 furthest we got was twin emps

  • Spurs Sam

    Spurs Sam

     28 days ago

    Does it not make more sense to practice bosses without consumables and world buffs until you are somewhat confident?

  • Jonathan Wynne

    Jonathan Wynne

     a months ago

    fuck yeah, subscribed

  • arrowToTheKnee2011


     a months ago

    The real boss in old naxx was people with shitty computers, internet connections(dial up ooh dear) and lag. If you only cleared one wing? You raided in a poor guild sadly. We even almost one shot some bosses in that place....

  • Adog


     a months ago

    Wow, fighting computer AI is so not fun.

  • K Z

    K Z

     a months ago

    If someone tells you M+ is harder than classic Naxx, you know they're full of shit and retail player, ignore them.

  • Jadii Lelz

    Jadii Lelz

     a months ago

    software engineer, no kids, no pets, no hubby. LET'S DO THIS!

  • Grample Gust

    Grample Gust

     a months ago +3

    I'm currently loving classic and before clicking on this I had already made it a goal to become the ultimate scarab lord naxx raiding champion. I totally expected this video to open up with you saying "Naxx wasn't that bad, totally doable!"

    Instead my dreams of grandeur were crushed right before my eyes. I'm thankful. My expectations have dropped substantially, and I suddenly find myself content with the idea of just raiding Molten Core.

  • Daniel Lassander

    Daniel Lassander

     a months ago +1

    Now lets go do it on the classic servers, no i wont force you to do that its all up to you. You should start with a video on about leveling and gear, then dungeons and attunements (mc onyxia bwl) then the raids themselves how you experience them and what it feels like coming back. Then naxxramas :)



     a months ago

    This sounds fucking awful.

  • Josh Woods

    Josh Woods

     a months ago +2

    so excited to experience end game. sadly im only a 22 mage rn

  • YoshPrimePainting


     a months ago

    Great vid! Hope your playing and enjoying the Classic relaunch as much as I am! :D

  • Alex


     a months ago +2

    It wasn't that Hard. Your original video is wrong a lot more than 23 guilds cleared it. I know our server had 3 guilds that cleared it. I was full Naxx gear (except ring) as a hunter waaay before BC dropped. We were world 1st on the Horseman kill and 12th worldwide on Kel'Thazud kill. It just took being in a good guild.

  • Elroiden


     a months ago

    Hi Hamsterwheel, first of all - great video! Where are you from (sounds familiar!)? My guild broke up on the second boss of Naxxramas already and we did not proceed any further. Afterwards I had to attend University and other important things in life, so I did not have time to catch up with raiding after TBC. Your video expresses and encompasses everything of Naxx40 what someone finds difficult to explain! This video made me come back to Classic also on the realm Mograine - to finish the job!

    Again, many thanks!

  • Juustopuuro


     a months ago

    I remember when i solo naxx my lv60 shaman back in the days. Maby i do it again when classick come out.