How to Start & Stop Smoothly | Driving Lessons

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 14, 2013
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    Today we're going to try to give you some useful tips on how to start and stop smoothly. From a starting standpoint, from an acceleration standpoint, you have to remember that it doesn't take a whole lot of pressure on the pedal to get the car to accelerate. Just a nice, smooth touch will usually do what you need to have done. My recommendation is very, very smoothly, nice soft touch on the pedal, let the car gradually build speed. If we need a little bit more acceleration, you're going to gradually go down a little harder on the pedal from there. You don't want to step too much on the pedal when you first star. If you're doing that, that will cause your car to have that jerking kind of effect.

    As far as breaking goes, pretty much the same thing applies. You want a nice, smooth touch on the break. You don't want to slam it all the way down unless you really have to come to a panicked stop. A nice, smooth stop is accomplished by a nice, soft touch on the pedal. Right at the end of that stop, the last five feet, you're going to just ease off that brake pedal just a little bit, and that car should come to a nice, smooth stop. You won't get that bumping motion that will fail you on your road test. Those are some good tips for starting and stopping in a nice, smooth fashion.
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    Jungleslingshot ꤗꤟꤌꤣꤖꤢꤧ꤭ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤊꤜꤥ꤭


    Is this for manual lesson

  • Sunny Agutasyan

    Sunny Agutasyan

     a months ago

    I am scared to press the acceleration pedal instead of stopping 😱

  • Sameer Narayan

    Sameer Narayan

     3 months ago

    Pressed down the footbrake and ease up Wow!No one taught me like this huh.......thanx Sir.

  • Παρίσι Παρίσι Καραγιάννη

    Παρίσι Παρίσι Καραγιάννη

     6 months ago +1

    I kept jerking the car and my dad kept yelling at me to step on the gas smoothly but I couldn’t it was too hard

  • Jeffrey Peralta

    Jeffrey Peralta

     7 months ago +8

    My mom told me to stop smoothly and I said how and she said you will feel it

    Like what? 🤔

  • Kaila Crozier

    Kaila Crozier

     10 months ago +1

    Just passed my driver's test and watched this video to prepare, thank you!!

  • mad.dawg


     11 months ago

    So I was driving today with my dad, y know practicing, press the brakes idk what tf happened but that car sped up. I almost hit a stop sign, and I had a mental breakdown

  • Nicholas Duggins

    Nicholas Duggins

     11 months ago

    How to start smoothly in an auto?? What the hell. Who needs help with an auto 😂🤣

  • Tokyo


     a years ago


  • Mohamed Ghanem

    Mohamed Ghanem

     a years ago

    My Quiet Gardener taught me how to drive

    It was better than the driving school lmao

  • Hannah Sparkleeyes

    Hannah Sparkleeyes

     a years ago


  • gamer nerd's

    gamer nerd's

     a years ago

    This guy is really good at explaining what to do.

  • Ema Bright

    Ema Bright

     a years ago

    Very good tips...

  • Quattro Bitch!

    Quattro Bitch!

     a years ago +1

    If you're in 3rd gear and there's a signal,instead of changing down gears,wouldn't it be easier to put in in Nuetral and just brake?

  • Daitz Gonzaga

    Daitz Gonzaga

     a years ago

    Plays Eurobeat mix

  • Rick Sasseville

    Rick Sasseville

     a years ago

    Need a video that demonstrates alternating from gas to break using the heel as a pivot. Many drivers will lift their entire foot from the gas pedal, position over the break and essentially use their leg and foot to apply the brake. This is unsafe and uncomfortable.

  • Alejandra Garza

    Alejandra Garza

     a years ago

    This was useful because apparently I have to teach myself to drive now and I keep messing up in the stopping

  • Cath&Yana Adventures

    Cath&Yana Adventures

     a years ago

    I seriously know all of this but it’s just not happening 😐😐😐😐😐 I kept on pressing it hard because I was really nervous

  • James Jameson

    James Jameson

     2 years ago

    So simplistic.

  • One123


     2 years ago +7

    I have behind the wheel training and I'm so nervous. Like if I go 25 MPH, how would I maintain that?