Vanilla Alterac Valley And Why Its Remembered - WCmini Facts

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 23, 2017
  • Why did Alterac Valley use to Last for Days? Why is it remembered so fondly? What was so great about it? This video could also probably be called the history of AV--Social Media-- Stream - you can't get enough of my videos you can always check out my other channels as well -World of Warcraft - - Battles (in WoW) - 10s - - - of The Storm - videos- stuff - Channel - with Curse, Seriously they're great -
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  • tankjr84


     a years ago +756

    I loved the old av. I would play a game for an hour, got to work, then come back and get in the same match. It was more about the fun of a full on virtual war than about honor rewards. Its not a battle ground anymore. Its a drag race.

  • Battlemaster


     7 months ago +75

    Sorry to comment on this,but you say it A LOT in this video
    "Calvary" is a hill near Jerusalem
    "Cavalry" are mounted combat units

  • Kosh800


     a years ago +192

    So, kinda funny story. Back in the vanilla days I was a Game Master. For a good long while we would get reports of either AFK botting or fish botting in Alterac Valley. Now most of the time our ticket times were atrocious so we'd get the report about 3 days too late (some periods while working there the ticket times were in weeks, not hours or days). Anyway, one night when we got the times down I saw a ticket that was only a half an hour or so old that was reporting an AFK. So I went in-game to verify where the reported character was and what they were doing.
    Now as a GM I spent most of my time in a windows program with little chat windows I could move around. This is where I spent probably 98% of my time, not physically in a game client. Normally we would only get into the client if we really needed to. To do this we would have multiple characters, one an Allied character and one a Horde character. We actually had a third character but that was technically the character we were using to chat with in our communication program and that character never moved off of GM Island. So anyway, these characters used to investigate stuff in-game were special GM characters flagged with certain abilities. Those abilities include a command to instantly level to max level, god mode, being invisible to players, and being able to fly (more like swim) or move at extreme speeds. We were also able to teleport directly to a player with a quick little command, which is exactly what I did to investigate AFKers in AV. But there was a problem on this particular night.
    Thinking that everything on my computer was set up properly. We all shared rows of computers so we didn't just have the same one every day. I guess there was an issue with the client not being the proper version of our GM client or something ... can't honestly remember. The short of it was that I was able to access our console (and perform console commands like teleport and such), and my GM character was flagged on the server as being allowed to do all the things I previously mentioned. The problem was ... I was not only visible to players, I was also able to be killed. On top of all of that, my characters were essentially naked because most of us only put on our pre-approved GM gear when we had to make ourselves visible (which I did only twice while working there).
    So there I am ... a visible, floating, naked, level 60 human teleporting to someone who is AFK in AV. Except he isn't AFK. Nope. Instead he's taking part in the forever war of the center of the map. So when I teleport I'm a floating naked dude, clearly labeled as a GM, swimming through the air and darting around like a pixie on crack. Then ... it happens. While I glance and make sure the player reported is the one I teleported to a strange feeling washes over me. A feeling I never felt at work before while in the client. I felt like I was being watched, because I was. In the middle of this battle several players stopped what they were doing and started facing me. Second guessing myself I wondered, "..... wait, they can't see me can then?!" An answer came to me in the form of a hunters mark appearing over my head followed by several shots from a hunter. There I was, naked and afraid ... and swimming in air.
    Needless to say I hauled my ass straight under a mountain about 3/4ths of the map away from there. Luckily he didn't kill me, otherwise the forums would have been filled with a screen shot of my dumb ass being killed by a player. Still, some select few players in AV that night got to see something few ever have. A naked GM, running in fear.

  • Anonymous Jeffry

    Anonymous Jeffry

     5 months ago +117

    Would you still queue up for 6 hour long AV's?
    - Yes

  • Cark7428


     a years ago +156

    You're not kidding about that bridge I once logged into AV before I went to work, played for an hour defending that bridge, went to work for 8 hours got back and qued for av again and got into the same av defending the same bridge

  • RicebowlNinja


     4 months ago +20

    >ice guy and tree guy
    These were their names. Anyone who says otherwise is a filthy liar

  • Jakub Pelikán

    Jakub Pelikán

     7 months ago +64

    It is pretty much what warfronts should be.

  • MrMhtmht


     a years ago +60

    Alterac was one the best memories I have of WoW. The scale of PvP battles combined with capturing points and a bit PvE involved(including taking mines) was simply epic and hasn't seen anything similar good up to today

  • Jason Ski

    Jason Ski

     10 months ago +24

    "Would you really queue up for [old] AV more than just once, if it still lasted upwards of 6 hours?"
    Yes.  Unequivocally, yes.

  • Brandon Sellers

    Brandon Sellers

     11 months ago +30

    I miss old av, I hope it is returned to it's former glory when classic wow is released.

  • Uzumakis


     a years ago +26

    Ah, back in the day I remember playing AV. Going to sleep. Then work, then the next evening joining the same AV. Sometimes for 3-4 days I would join the same game. That was immersion.

  • Tom Resnick

    Tom Resnick

     11 months ago +53

    12:57 - I cannot believe I just noticed this, but the AV Mark of Honor icon is... literally Scooby Doo's collar. Complete with the initials "SD."

  • Dante Howlstice

    Dante Howlstice

     7 months ago +7

    Summoning Ivar the Forest Lord was one of the greatest experiences I've ever had the pleasure of participating in. Old AV was a masterpiece, was a game within the game.

  • Pontus Björk

    Pontus Björk

     7 months ago +11

    I loved the old AV, even though I was horde and lost many of them. But that was still one of my most fun times back then. And I will play a lot of them in Classic!

  • Ujimako _

    Ujimako _

     6 months ago +3

    Gotta love how 3 out of 20 npcs which killed most players are from Westfall.

  • truth talk

    truth talk

     7 days ago +1

    I loved it, as horde we actually won most of the time om aggramar

  • Erik István Fejes

    Erik István Fejes

     a years ago


  • Hugo


     a years ago +204

    I dont even play this damn game anymore but still watching videos. When am I gonna be free?

  • Tolastun


     a years ago

    you forgot my favorite thing, druids hiding in the throne room, cycloning the main tank and then helping the boss dps down the rest of the horde raid, got many kills doing this

  • Draggon Reaper

    Draggon Reaper

     a years ago +5

    All they should have done to solve the length of time problem was increased the rewards. Like with the marks, instead of getting 3 for a win, you get 1 for X amount of enemy deaths, or for capping certain objectives. Make it so that everything had a reward for accomplishing something. This way, you'd get hopefully the same amount of rewards from a 5 hour AV battle as you would have running Warsong the entire time.
    Wouldn't have solved the advantage issues, but there were/are a lot of people that greatly enjoyed getting to fight in AV for hours on end. I know I did. My longest run was just under 7 hours, and I enjoyed every minute of it. It felt like it was an actual BATTLEground, and not just some short skirmishes.