Bernie Sanders - A Progressive Agenda for the 2020 Presidential Race | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 7, 2019
  • Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders explains how his ideas became mainstream, why he’s going on Fox News and what’s going on with his tax returns.

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  • Giani R

    Giani R

     3 hours ago

  • O Comer

    O Comer

     3 hours ago

    I'm super left, y'all, I promise. But I always cringe when I find videos on politicians and the comment section is just an echo chamber flooded only with supporters. These comments are eerie when compared with Ben Shapiro and Stephen Crowder's cult-like following.

  • William1234567890123 Cook

    William1234567890123 Cook

     3 hours ago

    poli tics
    poli cy

  • White Knight 7

    White Knight 7

     4 hours ago

    Gang gang Bernie Sanders Trap Trap Bernie Sanders They all try to act tough but they can't handle Bernie Sanders.

  • ostrommen22


     7 hours ago


    Change my mind

  • Olivier R

    Olivier R

     7 hours ago

    Bernie Sanders I like your ideas. I will vote for you if you reach the nominee.

  • Phil Maturano

    Phil Maturano

     8 hours ago

    Trevor you POS. You are tying to make up for the crap you did before with Bernie. You are the worst of what the MSM is! Now you are having Bernie on here to make up for your BS. YOU better keep this up or you will be seen as having no morals at all.

  • George Jung

    George Jung

     9 hours ago

    i am european and i would love to see this man as president of the us...finally a leader of the free world someone can be proud of

  • Eric Mok

    Eric Mok

     10 hours ago

    I challenge him to have a face to face with Ben Shapiro. Only one other Dem candidate has done so because his policies speak enough.

  • Carol Mwikali

    Carol Mwikali

     16 hours ago +1

    And to think that Americans will mess this up again. I can't watch it. Please vote for him.

  • Kelly Kim

    Kelly Kim


    Going to vote for him and I’m Republican. Truly kind and good human being

  • Leroy Hill

    Leroy Hill

     yesterday +1

    I'm a black male understands white supremacy and all and I think just calling them old white men is highly stupid call people out on the ignorance dont become the ignorant too smh how stupid probably some fake "feminist" (which doesnt help black/"latina" women at all financially) who are still racist and sexist themselves

  • lissy marv

    lissy marv


    I love Bernie, i hate mass media

  • eriksaavedrahidalgo


     2 days ago

    We don't need a Guy who hates banks. He is a good guy but He won't be a president. I think ! We'll see.! We dont need far left. Or far right. Candidates. they are moving us apart.

  • Mind Drip

    Mind Drip

     2 days ago +1

    BernieYang all the way✌🏻

  • Tiffany Alexandria

    Tiffany Alexandria

     2 days ago

    Trevor is clearly a capitalist enthusiast. He clearly isn't a Bernie Sanders Fan.

  • Adrienne Kennedy

    Adrienne Kennedy

     2 days ago

    Just wishing Bernie would support universal basic income rather than $15 minimum wage. When companies increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour, they make up the cost by cutting hours and taking away benefits. It’s sad but very true.

  • Hans Lennros

    Hans Lennros

     3 days ago

    In 2016 Tulsi Gabbard endorsed Bernie. Did he forget Gabbard stuck up for him?
    His not showing any reaction at all to Clinton's vile smears of not one, but two, women who are mostly on the same page as him.
    Where is Bernie now? Did he learn from Trump to abandon sisters in arms?

  • sddallas


     3 days ago

    The marketplace dictates that the guy at burger king dosnt get the same benefits as a school teacher or highly paid doctor

  • Raymond Babcock

    Raymond Babcock

     3 days ago

    Bernie is pie in the sky. If you come out of college 100 thousand dollars in debt it was your plan. As for teachers you do not get an education in public schools. Every thing the government touches is ruined.