Conway on Hatch Act violations: It is an attempt to 'silence' me

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 24, 2019
  • Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway discusses President Trump's decision to postpone ICE raids and imposing new sanctions on Iran. Conway says Democrats want to put a big role of masking tape over my mouth because I helped elect Trump. #FoxandFriends #FoxNews

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  • Bran Kind

    Bran Kind

     21 days ago

    I love Kellyanne. She’s hot. Why is she with that tub of lard, Chinese-looking idiot?!

  • Stew L

    Stew L

     a months ago

    Fake. Mobilize. M

  • JunkPunk Productions

    JunkPunk Productions

     2 months ago

    Hey Kelly see ya later swamp alligator
    May you reap what you deserve
    Cave poodle

  • Jay Hartbarger

    Jay Hartbarger

     3 months ago

    While she is on Fox, who is in the crystal ball at the Haunted Mansion?

  • Janet Rose

    Janet Rose

     3 months ago

    This person is a snatch. When republicans had control, why didn't they do everything then????? Same old song and dance, nothing getting done by any of them!!!!!!-

  • Larry Louis

    Larry Louis

     3 months ago +1

    If only that were possible. I agree term limits now! If not, vote these loud mouthed idiots out of office.

  • Potus 2020

    Potus 2020

     3 months ago

    Sweatass cherry Kellyanne

  • Sojourner 3167

    Sojourner 3167

     3 months ago

    Kelly's hair looks really nice

  • Intrepid 55

    Intrepid 55

     3 months ago +1

    Looking good Kelly. Looking really good!!! Hit em hard!!!

  • Teresa Lezama

    Teresa Lezama

     3 months ago

    Fake and insincere smile and slow inconstant eye blinks she’s got a psychopath personality written all over her

  • No Body Cam Not Guilty

    No Body Cam Not Guilty

     3 months ago

    The perfect platform for republicans to say whatever they want as long as they want to without any restrictions. Fox should be called the PLUG. Her 1st response/Speech to 1st question, took up half the show. Her 2nd response took the other half . Why did you guys , (republicans ) stop democrats from improving/fix Obama care? for political points? You guys are the 1st to play the game and 1st to complain when shoe is on the other foot 🦶. It almost seemed like this was kellyanne news not Fox news.

  • fxdc2008


     3 months ago

    i love this woman

  • Guinn Berger

    Guinn Berger

     3 months ago

    She is savvy and confident, and even those on her ...and the Presidents'... side can't shut her up when she has something to say and knows she's right. She speaks her mind, and finishes on the very last dot of time left. What a heroine!

  • Damon Katos

    Damon Katos

     3 months ago

    Just noticed no one here can defend her hatch act violations.

  • OneCupOfCoffee204


     3 months ago

    I love you, Kellyanne Conway!

  • Ron Cameleon

    Ron Cameleon

     3 months ago

    why they wanna silence her what did she said that triggered the demonRats ?

  • Elizabeth Garcia

    Elizabeth Garcia

     3 months ago +2

    Conway! Your great

  • R Msr

    R Msr

     3 months ago +3

    Kelly is so cool great speaker❗️

  • Gianconti Spinocci

    Gianconti Spinocci

     3 months ago

    a bear trap tried to silence this pig and broke.

  • Carrie Vogel

    Carrie Vogel

     3 months ago

    She is so full of -- It! Of course, she knows what she is doing! I have heard her and others in the Trump Whitehouse using the office of the presidency as a forum for continual bullying, propaganda, and campaigning for Trump's reelection! She is crazy! What continues to offend me is how the Trump Administration continues to act like Americans are dumb enough to believe the crap!