Hurt Bae Asks: Why Did You Cheat? Exes Confront Each Other On Infidelity (#HurtBae Video)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 15, 2017
  • Kourtney and Leonard are exes. They came together to talk about how infidelity impacted their relationship. See the video that sparked a viral Twitter trend, #HurtBae.


    Original HurtBae video. HurtBae Full Video.

    Hurt Bae

    Oscar-nominated Firsts 2018

    Hurt Bae Asks: Why Did You Cheat? Exes Confront Each Other On Infidelity (#HurtBae Video) Iris
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  • Iris


     2 years ago +4763

    NEW VIDEO! #HurtBae 2: One Year Later - Kourtney and Leonard Meet Again

  • Amariya's World

    Amariya's World

     seconds ago

    He's a "A - hole" for sure!🤬😠🤬

  • Chelsea Awang

    Chelsea Awang

     an hour ago

    And the pretty boy smiles🤬

  • M O

    M O

     3 hours ago

    She deserves more

  • MayaASMR


     4 hours ago +1

    This is so sad because they look like they would be such a good couple. BUT OFC THE GUY HAS TO GO SCREWING IT UP 😂

    1 like= 1 hug for this beautiful girl

  • DePuPo o

    DePuPo o

     5 hours ago

    Bruh moment

  • fernando perez

    fernando perez

     21 hours ago

    her pain is so raw.

  • Green House

    Green House

     23 hours ago +1

    Better Title: Why you should stick to your first impression.

  • Dheerja Sharma

    Dheerja Sharma


    Because you are my bestfriend

  • Emmanuel Umakha

    Emmanuel Umakha


    The guy doesn’t care 😂😂 lol

  • Lava Blues

    Lava Blues


    It hurts to watch..

  • Agnes Papp

    Agnes Papp


    She is still in love with the guy who doesn't deserve her for a minute...

  • Jorge Robles

    Jorge Robles


    When you’re done. You are done. You will not care

  • S C R

    S C R


    "I forgave you"... That was heartbreaking. She is just so strong and beautiful.

  • Éléonore



    So he cheats on her and then tell her it’s her fault lol

  • TeslaGod



    future taught this man well

  • aveen ahmed

    aveen ahmed

     yesterday +1

    It sucks when someone you love cheats on you. I know how it feels ive been there. !

  • Sebastian Serafeim

    Sebastian Serafeim

     2 days ago

    what a dickbag this man is

  • Ifunanya Onwujekwe

    Ifunanya Onwujekwe

     2 days ago

    She should have realised a long time ago that he is trash

  • Susan Bardaro

    Susan Bardaro

     2 days ago

    My heart hurts for her this isn’t fair