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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 19, 2017
  • Theresa Caputo and her family volunteer at the local food bank to give food to the homeless on Christmas Day. She senses the spirit of a mother, who happens to be the chef's mother who passed away.
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  • Fanny Kim

    Fanny Kim

     3 days ago

    Hoooow???? Wow!

  • Ruby Lovette

    Ruby Lovette

     7 days ago +2

    "The good Lord Endowed her with a spiritual gift.." I loved that.

  • Tracy Repple

    Tracy Repple

     7 days ago

    That was excellent ☮️🌈💖🌞

  • Savanna


     14 days ago

    I got chills watching this

  • stefanny mendez

    stefanny mendez

     14 days ago

    did they give her the chili though

  • Chris Alfonsi

    Chris Alfonsi

     14 days ago +2

    Ok. But edie falco is shooketh. It’s uncanny especially in the hairnet.

  • emmi hanson

    emmi hanson

     14 days ago +3

    theresa fully looking like amy duncan with that hairnet

  • Miss Lady

    Miss Lady

     21 days ago

    I always wonder if my ex best friend mom is okay. She passed and it was like 2012 i think years ago I was just a teen then. Hit me hard I’ve never lost anyone but she was always their for me like a mom. Always spent a night at her home or was over eating up all the food 😂😂😂 lol 🤷🏾‍♀️ that’s me.. but that funeral I just sat in the back and I’ve never cried so hard in my life. Cancer took her fast I just wish she would’ve told us how bad it was 🤦🏾‍♀️ I would’ve never left her side.

  • Joel Pimentel

    Joel Pimentel

     21 days ago

    She really cant help herself.

  • Rajesh Barya

    Rajesh Barya

     21 days ago

    Pitru (Forefathers, Manes, Ancestors ) Stotra -- This Stotra is from Garud Purana. This Stotra is to be recited/listen while performing Shardha (performing religious rights for our ancestor’s). Our Pitrues become pleased and happy and our wishes/desires become fulfilled. 

    Markandey Rishi is describing this stotra to Krounchiki. He said “after hearing Pitru Stuti done by Prajapati Ruchi all the Pitrues become pleased and happy. There appeared a very lustrous light in the sky. The sky filled with brightness. Prajapati Ruchi again & again started bowing to all the Pitrues. He started to praise Pitrues. 

    Ruchi Said I bow to the Pitrues who are formless, very bright, lives in the heart of Yogis and who are divine.
    They are fulfilling the desires of God Indra, Sapta Rushies, Daksha and Marichi Rushi.
    I bow to all such Pitrues.
    They are leaders of Manu, Sun, Moon and the Ocean. I bow to all such Pitrues.
    They are also leaders of Nakshatras, Planets, Air, Agni, The Sky, Swarga (Heaven) and Prithvi (Earth).
    I bow to all such Pitrues.
    I bow to Prajapati, Kashyap, Som, Varun and the great yogis.
    I bow to God Brahma.
    I also bow to all such Pitrues who live on the Land of Moon and who are just like yogis. I bow to Pirtudev Som.
    I bow to all such Pitrues who are in the form of Agni (Fire).
    Those who live in the divine bright light and because of whom this earth has filled with Som and Agni;
    I bow to all such Pitrues.
    These Pitrues are also in the form of The Sun, Moon and Agni;
    I bow to all such Pitrues.
    I wish all such Swadha Pitrues become pleased and happy. 

    After praising Pitrues by this Stotra, Ruchi saw that these Pitrues are standing in front of him with all that he offered them. Pitrues, who were shining in the divine light, were having Gandha(Perfume), Flowers and Black Til (Black Sesame) & other things which were offered to them by Ruchi. Then Ruchi bow to everybody separately and said I bow to you, I bow to you. Thus here completes the Pitru Stotra which is from Garud Puran and created by Prajapati Ruchi.

  • Norleetha M

    Norleetha M

     21 days ago

    They were pissed 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️. .. poor Theresa ... Americans are just new in these things in SA we are used to it .. even in a Taxi a person tells you about your life differs .. dead people messages. Or your life messages

  • TINY and ME

    TINY and ME

     21 days ago

    So much guilsble ppl wow I better get into this business

  • Mlittlejap


     21 days ago +3

    I cry pretty much on every episode..

  • Armando Montoya

    Armando Montoya

     1 months ago

    Was that RuPaul?

  • Gwen30


     1 months ago +1


  • Susan Anderson

    Susan Anderson

     1 months ago +1

    Wash hands after handling hair.

  • Patience


     1 months ago

    That lady with the grey sweater would annoy the living hell out of me

  • Jackie Muir

    Jackie Muir

     1 months ago +6

    'So, I'm a medium.' As if they dont know.

  • Andrew Skinner

    Andrew Skinner

     1 months ago

    This is mind blowing.

  • Hadeer Sinawe

    Hadeer Sinawe

     1 months ago

    Hillary, still pandering at the food bank!