Voice Teacher Reacts to Kpop Idols WORST vs. BEST Live Vocals

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 14, 2018
  • This is not a review of their music, but observations of how they sing. The goal is to help you learn how the voice works better, so you can learn how to make smart choices in your own voice. Go to http://www.vocalease.net to sign up for lessons with Sam through video chat!Buy a titanium straw (for vocalizing and the environment): https://amzn.to/2wwCFNzProduce electronic music intuitively: https://amzn.to/2PqnjRxBuy my watch: https://amzn.to/2PnAZNiSocial Media:https://www.instagram.com/oksamjohnsonhttps://www.facebook.com/samjohnsonvo...This description contains affiliate links.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/zyCLuZ3selc


  • Sam Johnson

     10 months ago

    Hi! Before you rip me apart please read this. If your comment isn't addressed I'd love to hear it.1. I know Hong Kong and South Korea are different places. I lived in Hong Kong for 18 months. What I was so poorly trying to refer to in the video was how I worked with a lot of clients on KPOP. I misspoke.2. Compressors and auto-tune are completely different things. I was not talking about auto-tune, I was talking about compressors. Compressors are often used in live and studio environments. They are n...

  • Xxx Music

     8 days ago

    You are professional and respectful man. Anybody who said anything that makes u sad is a disaster not a fan, if you're someone's fan it doesn't mean that person is flawless. Ok? So be honest just like this man is

  • Zjp Darkblaze

     17 days ago

    some, if not most, kpopers are below the age of 14 so yeah they are pretty much prone to angry rants.

  • amina bread chaser

     10 months ago

    This man is actually educated idc what y’all say, he knows what he’s saying.

  • wakeupandsmelltherain

     a months ago

    Kim Yoori literally stfu, you’re so overly emotional. That comment wasn’t even rude, and I doubt he knows anything about jimin anyways.

  • Farid Aiman

     1 months ago

    @Kim Yoori this reply does not emotionally correlate with the video itself at all. Jimin is a darn good performer and as a kpop fan myself i do know that he can sing well especially serendipity but the vocal coach was saying that Jimin is only improving on the voice crack within the two version he listened. Maybe in the way he teaches vocal, he is not exposed to how does korean (male)always sings high note with chest voice instead thinning it out as normal as it would be for the western influenced sing...

  • anlys

     5 months ago

    Stop the hate. Just accept that your faves sometimes make a mistake

  • Bangtan Wannaone

     9 days ago

    Anlys your rightBut he just said jimin not improve?

  • Nicole Chen

     24 days ago

    anlys He said Jimin didn’t improve, seriously

  • _Lin_Al

     5 months ago

    "she knows how to sing ,it's just she gets in her head" wow that hit me because after all the bullying Taeyeon jas gotten over the years she has said she often get really nervous and scared at her performances and even tho she's an amazing artist it shows and even people who don't even know her can guess at first glance ....

  • Juicy Pear

     27 days ago

    @kitty istiI heard females often aren't as good at singing when it's near that time of the month. Vibrato becomes more difficult to pull off and such, so maybe it was just an off day?

  • Dawson Avery

     4 months ago

    I appreciate that you explain why it didn't work, instead of straight up saying "that was bad".

  • ssggvvin

     5 months ago

    Twice clip he was just like ''Nah ok, nothing have changed'' LOL

  • θεά Jennie

     4 days ago

    Fuck you ugly ass bitch

  • Syifana Chy

     7 days ago

    1 thousand people is agree with u:)

  • yeouii ah

     10 months ago

    many youtubers with actual knowledge are afraid to say something critical in order to dislikes or hate from fans, so thank you for being honest!

  • 陳大文

     2 months ago

    That's so true. I couldn't agree more.

  • Lady Anggraeni

     5 months ago


  • Kim Kai

     2 months ago

    Lady Anggraeni 😂😂

  • ally_ 29

     19 days ago

    He doesn’t know baekhyun and in one video he knows that he is a joker 😂

  • YEOL.

     4 days ago

    ally_ 29 yeah that’s why people like baek hhh

  • MultifandomCrackhead uWu

     3 months ago

    "he's telling jokes, this guy is a joker" You have no idea 🤣

  • c

     6 hours ago

    @Ronel albo u ok?

  • MultifandomCrackhead uWu

     28 days ago

    @Ronel albo??